Days of Rage - Part IV

 The email keeps pouring in

Fans coming to the rescue


Thanks for your continued efforts opposing the possibility of a Rutgers name

Using your links I have already contacted the Governor and 6 state legislators.
3 in Middlesex County where I grew up and 3 in Essex County where I live now.
I have already received e-mails from Assemblyman Joseph Azzolina and
Assemblyman Samuel Thompson of Middlesex County-13th District. Both stated
they oppose changing the Rutgers name and would vote in favor of retaining the
name if the assembly is involved.

I'm sure many in our community have also contacted their legislators and I hope
they are receiving the same feedback.

Thanks for everything. Let's keep the pressure on.


More fans doing something about the problem

Keep it up Mike. I'm writing to all the politicians.


Yet more fans coming to the aid of their Alma Mater

Mike- I am a Rutgers alumnus, season ticket holder for both football and
basketball living in Newtown, Pennsylvania.
Yes I may live in Pennsylvania-however I was extremely upset that Governor
McGreevey would consider changing the name of the institution I graduated
from 23 years ago.
We all take pride in our university for its academic excellence and historic
tradition. I echo the sentiments of every e-mail sent to you and Big Dog on
this matter.

Mike, I took matters into my own hands. Even though my home is the Keystone
State, I e-mailed the Governor along with legislators from the Trenton area
and my parents home area of Linden. Here goes an e-mail from the State
Senator representing the Linden environs.

Keep up the good work. We will succeed.


More help but a startling note about apathy


I wrote to you a while ago about this issue and needless to say, I feel the
same way you and so many others do. I, too, have written to the governor
and to the RAA informing them that my ties to the University will go if the
name changes; my state legislators are next. In any case, do you know if
anyone has started making t-shirts with a ban UNJ logo? I'd be happy to buy
and wear one. Also, is there any more organized effort to stop this? I
can't believe that this seems to off to a running start - the sports guys on
WCTC of all places said it's no big deal and that angry alums will come back
after awhile - I wrote to tell them of my disappointment in their attitude
and that I, for one, will NEVER be back - to RU or to WCTC if the name
changes. I also just heard on the radio that one of the RU deans thinks
this is a great idea. Is it any accident that thius happens exactly when we
don't have a leader? I thank you and the Big Dog for your efforts over the
years and most especially now - Save Our Rutgers!


More suggestions for action


Let me first say that you have done a remarkable job over the years of
bringing many of us information and entertainment we would not find
elsewhere. Thank you.

I want to make a quick suggestion regarding this preposterous name change
concept that has risen out of nowhere. 1)E-mails to pols and representatives
are very easy to disregard- or not even open. 2)Your site is a great way to
vent anger and to talk about frustrations, but also is unproductive. 3)The
only way to get the message across- Rutgers now and always- is personal
contact. Phone calls and in person meetings. Please list phone numbers and
office addresses so that the concerned can get their feelings heard the
loudest and most effective way.

Don't be fooled that your voice is being heard "electronically". The only
way these folks hear anything is with personal contact and votes, and votes
might be too late .


Yet more suggestions for action

How about some ideas whereby those of the 100,000 living alumni who live OUT
OF STATE find a way to Email the RU Foundation. I have done so already,
advising that I will never write a check to UNJ (or attend a sports event
without RU on the jerseys). We have no clout with your legislators, but
there are alumni all over this country who contribute to RU. So....publish
the Email address of the RU Foundation (and that includes contributions to
Scarlet R as well) and we'll let them know how we feel about the outrageous
actions of your a------ governor.


Copies of letters to the Governor

Dear Mike: Thanks for your attention to and passion for the name change issue. Below is a copy of my message to the
legislators from my district.

I wish to address the recent topic of the proposal that involves the
restructuring of Rutgers and other research universities in New Jersey.
Overall, I have always felt that education dollars are dollars well-spent,
as they repay their investment in many ways for many people. Further, I
support the inclusion of other institutions within a larger university. It
seems to me that it is a fairly cheap way to expand our state University.

However, there is one aspect to this recent proposal that has angered me.
That is the proposal to eliminate the name "Rutgers" from the official
title. I would not want to see this happen. Your support for such a change
would lead me to vote for the other party for the first time in my life.
Please do not support any proposal which allows for or actually changes the
name of our state University. This restructured University must carry the
name of "Rutgers." My passion for this issue is based upon a long-term
affinity toward this great University. My law degree is from Rutgers
University and I have been a long time season ticket holder in two sports.
The reason that I would like my vote to this issue is because I feel that it
would be an exceedingly thoughtless act strip away two centuries of
tradition in this way. It would seem to me that a vote for any measure that
allows for this name change would demonstrate a complete disregard for a
long-standing New Jersey tradition. I would not want such a legislator to
continue in office after demonstrating such disregard.

Instead, efforts should be made to expand undergraduate offerings such as
physical education and hotel restaurant management, to give only a couple of
examples. My own daughter had to leave the state can go to college in
Pennsylvania to find a physical education program to her liking. She is now
in graduate school in Indiana for no such program is available to her in her
home state. The result of this missing program effects any New Jersey
student with an eye toward the career in physical education, coaching, or
physical training. The long-term results of this are future New Jersey high
school coaches will have no affinity with Ru

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