Feagin' Mother talks about RU visits

There is only one recruiting weekend remaining before national signing day and schools are waiting for key prospects. One of the few prospects that Rutgers is waiting on a decision is Justin Feagin. He recently completed a visit to the campus of Rutgers. SOR had a chance to discuss the visit with his mother who has accompanied him on all of his visits.

Feagin was resting from likely a late night and a long trip home. Therefore, SOR spoke to Feagin's mother who has accompanied him on each of his visits. As for the Rutgers visit, she stated "the (Rutgers) staff was well organized and worked together as a unit which was impressive. The academics were good but I will be calling back the school to discuss his major more." She emphasized the importance of academics and support of the student-athlete and she was impressed with Rutgers' academic support. As she stated "the academic support was good. The discussions with the deans were good. The fact that they were not related to the athletic program made it even better".

When asked the difference between the Rutgers visit and the Syracuse visit, she stated the "weather". The weather of the northeast might not be too favorable to a Floridian. But the upstate New York weather was notable for Ms. Feagin. However, she liked both head coaches and their staff. From her perspective, she would not mind sending her son to either school. As she says "Coach Robinson was very open. His wife and family were open. Coach Schiano was the same and opened his house to us. I feel comfortable with both coaches. I feel that I can place my hand in either coaches hands' and say ‘this is my son please take care of him' and not worry".

Ms. Feagin stated that Justin will be taking his final visit to Michigan next week. As always, she will be accompanying him. After the visit, they will discuss all of the schools and make a decision before the signing day. She will provide him with her input but the decision will be Justin's to make. SOR will be there to provide you with his decision and those of each prospect in the State of Rutgers.

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