Poole: Yes sir, I committed to Rutgers

Rutgers fans most certainly remember William Beckford, who some years ago took a major chance in committing to and signing with the still-slumbering NJ program. It was at that snapshot in time when a young Eddie Pool first heard about Rutgers. A number of years later he joins Beckford and others as part of the Scarlet Knight family.

Eddie Pool, by way of Glades Central HS [Bell Grade, FL], has given Rutgers Coaches Chris Demarest and Greg Schiano his verbal commitment to continue his education and football career at Rutgers.

"Yes sir, I committed to Rutgers," stated Poole.

"I had a conversation with Coach Schiano and Coach Demarest and what it came down to was how family-oriented their program is and how well they treat everyone," continued Poole.

Indeed, it was the family-type of atmosphere that had piqued Poole's interest, but there was still some lingering hesitancy in both his and his mother's mind.

"I was skeptical because of the distance, but Coach Schiano explained to my mom how we could work around that." And inevitably, how it may help mold a young Eddie Poole from a youth into a young man during his stay in Piscataway, NJ.

But, it was his initial rapport with RU DB Coach Chris Demarest [Demo] that put Rutgers on the map to begin with.

"My mom has met with Coach Demo and she just thinks he's a very good man, she really trusts him with her child. And Coach Demo is a good guy. He will just tell you everything you need to know, the entire truth."

Given Poole's obvious admiration for his recruiting coach, an obvious follow-up question ensued: can you compare Coach Demo to some of the other college coaches you've met?

Poole offered, without the slightest hint of a hesitation: "Oh no, there isn't anybody quite like him. He just relates so well to young people, because he's so young himself," stated Poole.

Eddie visited the Rutgers campus some two weeks ago, his first experience with the tri-state area and his voice provided all the evidence for his extreme pleasure at the mini trip.

"It was an eye-opening experience for me. Just seeing all the lights in New York and Times Square, and all those people and how crowded it was. There's nothing like that that I've seen anywhere," said an evidently impressed Poole.

"The biggest thing that I remember about the trip was the interaction with some of the players, guys like Tiquan Underwood, Courtney Greene [Poole's recruiting host] and Ray Rice. They're all really nice guys. We talked about many things, like Rutgers, the schedule of classes, the practices, and [giggling, almost too shy to admit it] girls of course," said Poole.

Poole's personality and good-humored nature shown with ease during this single interview, making it easy to see precisely why he was able to get along with many of the current Scarlet Knights, all down to earth and rather humble human beings. But to suggest that his decision was entirely based on what occurred off the field wouldn't be entirely accurate. Poole has been very impressed with RU's continued evolution since the days of William Beckford's decision to attend Rutgers.

"Back then, I didn't know that Coach Schiano was the former defensive coordinator at Miami, but when William Beckford went there, I found out. Rutgers is on the rise, they are really up and coming. Their last couple of years, they've really had a chance to shine and they are on TV so much. They are really getting things moving in the right direction up there."

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