LOI Day brings excitement to Johnson house

Malcolm Johnson is a young man with a ton of ability. And for that prowess, he was pursued by many programs. The fact that he has signed a scholarship to attend RU is something that should be exhilarating. Linda Johnson, Malcolm's mother stated, "I am really excited for Malcolm. He is really happy about his decision. We had signing day at the school. Many of us gathered around and took pictures."

In regards to Rutgers, she was pleased by what the school has to offer. “He is going to a school with people that care about him. They offer a great education and also great football. When we went on our visit, I was really impressed with the school and also with the people. They presented a good mix of athletics and academics. It is going to be good for him. Plus there are a lot of Florida kids up there and he has a good relationship with D.C., so it should be an easy transition for him. When you look at him, you can tell he is thrilled with going to Rutgers”.

However, you could hear a sense of separation anxiety in her tone and words. “Of all our children, Malcolm is the baby. He is the youngest. I was born and raised in Polk County. My kids were raised in Polk County. They went to the local community college. We have never had a family member go so far away. In a way, while I am really happy that my boy is going to grow up and get his education, I am pretty sad. But we will have to get used to it”.

On the season, Johnson’s offensive numbers went down quite a bit compared to his stellar junior season. “He had a great junior year. This year, we did not have a QB who was able to get him the ball. If he plays WR at Rutgers, he won’t have that problem. D.C. can certainly throw the ball. But on defense, he played really well at CB. He was one of the defensive MVP’s”.

At either position, Scarlet Knights fans should be excited. Malcolm Johnson is certainly a top notch player at both.

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