Darian Mallary: Small 'back has big game

Darian Mallary [Gulliver Prep, FL] doesn't draw the sort of fanfare that some of the bigger backs around the country do. But, a quick glance at Mallary's highlight clips shows exactly why the Floridian is beginning to make some noise on the recruiting trail.

Darian Mallary stands at 5-feet-8 and goes about 178-pounds. For fans that may be seeking an heir apparent to their favorite university's recently graduated ball-carrier, the Floridian's measurables may not seem all that impressive. For Rutgers fans, however, spoiled for three years by Ray Rice's running, it has become understandable that measurables are often overrated. What you do with the rock in your hands is what matters most.

"A lot of people around me tell me that I'm too small. But I know what I can do and I have confidence in myself," stated Mallary.

"I'm about hard work and doing what I can to get better. I want to show people out there that look at me and say that I'm too small that I've got what it takes."

As a Junior, Mallary carried the ball 80 times for 815 yards and scored 10 TDs (as a RB). Mallary also displayed an ability to line up in the slot, where his elusiveness may be better utilized. The rising Junior recorded 10 receptions for 210 yards and 3 TDs (as a WR). Mallary also recorded 2 punt returns and 1 kickoff return for scores.

"Darian reminds me of the former Kansas State RB, Darren Sproles. He's got that combination of speed and power to go with great acceleration," stated Gulliver Prep Coach Ron Butler.

"Both players [referring to Frankie Telfort and Mallary] have had a tremendous impact on Gulliver Prep. They've got great character, great work ethic, and a passion for the game. I have had the chance to coach guys like Patrick Robinson (Florida State), Dorian Munroe (Florida), Donovan Varner (Duke), Frankie Telfort, and Sorieh Bayoh (Rutgers), and Darian Mallary and Frankie Telfort are two guys that are right there in that same category," continued Coach Butler.

Mallary has yet to receive his initial offer, although he is beginning to receive significant interest. "Recruiting is going good. I'm hearing from South Carolina, UCF, Rutgers, Indiana, Penn State, and South Carolina," stated Mallary.

In regards to Rutgers, the speedy back had very positive things to say.

"Rutgers, I love Rutgers. I talk to Sorie Bayoh all the time and he tells me he wants me to come up there with him. He tells me it's like family up there," said Mallary.

Mallary, a sub-4.5 second speedster, will be attending the Nike Combine during this upcoming spring and also plans on taking his SATs in March. SOR will continue to monitor Mallary's recruitment in the coming weeks and months.

Darian Mallary's Highlight Clips:

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