Ray Rice Talks to the Media

Ray Rice, RU's all-time leading rusher met with the media on Friday discussing the various aspects of his game, his strengths, weaknesses, number of collegiate carries perhaps being a concern.

Chris Steuber: Member of the Pro Football Writers of America and the Football Writers Association of America

Analysis: Rice is a very good north/south runner who has excellent vision and can handle a workload. The biggest question about Rice's game is his speed. He's not the fastest runner and doesn't possess breakaway speed. The forty will be the biggest obstacle for Rice to overcome at the Combine.

Ray Rice Press Conference:

-- "I think I really just have to be myself. I actually ran the ball a lot at Rutgers and we stuck to our game plans. I definitely want to go out there and start catching the ball. I think that will stick out. It's not going to be a problem. I caught a lot of passes during practice and during spring ball where I was lined up in a slot and ran routes. That's just a part of my game that hasn't been seen.

--"But with this weekend and all the events here and me being able to participate in all the events you'll definitely see a lot more to my game that probably wasn't shown on TV or shown on film." -- on what sets him apart from all the great junior backs.

--"It's not a concern now, obviously, because I'm taking my game to the next level, but if I would have stayed in college it definitely would have been. I definitely would have requested less carries and took more, not a back seat, but added an additional role to my game. But now that I'm taking it to the next level, I think that with many teams being a two-back system, I don't think it will be a problem."

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