Romain Seeing Rising Interest

Dillon Romain [5-foot-11 and 210-pounds] by way of Don Bosco Prep School [Ramsey, N.J.] has yet to receive his initial offer but is seeing a spike in his recruitment. Romaine, who's firmly entrenched in his off-season training regimen, talked about some of the schools currently pursuing him.

Dillon Romain is known for his bruising, north-south style of running. Make no mistake about it, the Don Bosco Prep standout will make sure that those in his way, will pay.

Romain is currently lifting 6 days per week, putting himself in the best possible position in order to excel at this spring's combines and summer camps. "I go to different places to work out. I train six days a week," stated Romain. "I lift four days a week, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I also try to stretch out and do a lot of leg work. On Wednesdays and Saturdays I run at Chuck Mound's," continued Romain.

Romain, who has gotten his 40-time time down to the 4.5 mark has seen impressive results in the gym as well. He's currently lifting 305-pounds and repping 185-pounds for 18 times.

This bruising runner is receiving significant attention from a number of collegiate programs around the country, including Penn State, Boston College, Northwestern, Duke, Temple, Alabama, Western Michigan, and Virginia.

Though Dillon remains wide open at this time, we asked the standout North Jersey performer to detail some of the schools he is interested in.

Penn State: They play some big-time football over there. They have a really nice, big campus and play great competition.

Boston College: BC has some very friendly coaches. I camped there last year and had the chance to meet them. They also have very good academics.

Northwestern: The school is located in a nice area, and they have a great academic reputation.

Duke: They're similar to NW in that they are known for their great academics.

Though still early in the process, Romain is pretty much decided on his summer camping tour. "I'll probably go to Northwestern, Penn State, Boston College, and UVA."

The Garden State bruiser does not have a timetable for a decision and insists that geography will not play a role in his final decision. will continue to monitor Romain's recruitment over the coming weeks and months.

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