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 Football- Recruiting in Florida

CORAL GABLES -- He's had billboards in South Florida for nearly two years, and his coach's show comes on locally every weekend. Even though its football team is thousands of miles away, Rutgers has invested a good deal of money to make sure Greg Schiano's presence is felt in this area.
Schiano sees state's stars, wants 'em in New Jersey


Baskeball Recruiting - Sizing up Shagari Alleyne

These days it seems as though the NBA is the answer for anyone who has a size 20 shoe and a hook shot to go along with it. It's on everyone's mind whether they are in high school or college: Is he the next lottery pick? But shouldn't we be asking if they are capable enough? 
Shagari Alleyne

By his own admission, Shagari Alleyne's basketball skills do not match his Gulliver-amongst-the-Lilliputians court presence.
"I don't have a great game," Alleyne said last weekend. "But it's improving. I'm improving every day, every month, every year."
Lexington Herald-Leader | 07/11/2002 | Sizing up big-man potential


Basketball - Preseason previews

Shortly after arriving at Rutgers a year ago, as Gary Waters began to clean up the mess left behind by former coach Kevin Bannon -- including an 11-16 record (3-13 Big East) and allegations that Bannon forced an ex-player to run sprints in the raw as punishment for a poor practice drill -- he assessed where the program would be in his rookie season. "The program is not in great condition," said Waters, who had built an identity as a head coach at Kent State, where he took the Golden Flashes to a pair of NCAA tournaments and an NIT in five seasons. "It's going to be a growing process. It's going to take some time to get back to the level where we can compete in the Big East. The tools are here. With time and some strong recruiting, I think we can get back to that level." - 2003 NCAA Basketball Preview - 2002-03 Rutgers Team Preview


On Changing the name of Rutgers

While the Governor's administration has backpedaled from the UNJ name recently and several officials have voiced strong support for maintaining the Rutgers name, at least in some form, we must hope that the thinking that went into the proposed merger was more contemplative and considerate than the bureaucratic thought process that came up with the ingenious "University of New Jersey" moniker
Michael Shapiro

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Fan Feedback

Angry at Schiano

For all of his big-mouthing in the first 2 years about "The State of Rutgers" Schiano has made EVERYTHING worse.  He has more High School coaches suppporting him than previous coaches, yet his results are worse. 
He had a decent returning QB in Chad Scwhenk, but, played politics and named Cubit, because his Off Coordinator is daddy.  WHat a bunch of crap.  What kind of message did that send?
How come, Rutgers from years ago with no one on their roster over 250lbs, and no weight room to speak of, could tie Florida 28-28 on the road, beat Tennessee, beat Michigan St, all on the road. Play Alabama tough until the final moments.  Why is it that Va Tech can go from 2-9 years ago to a perennial top 5 or 10, yet Rutgers goes backwards?
Maybe it is time to go back to smaller players and Frank Burns!  It is a joke they expanded the stadium to house 12,000 per game.  Schiano is pathetic.  He would probably not even be successful coaching NJ High School Football.  

Happy with Waters - The former player for RU had this to say

Good day for RU Basketball when Shagari committed!! Finally RU will have a conventional center we have so lacked since I played.....Who was our starting center on the 1989 A-10 championship team and what was his height?

On "Landmarks and Dreams"

GREAT piece of work. One of your best ever. Good to see you feeling good about the hoops program.  I am too.
I'm sending your article all around the state.

Mike Fasano:

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