Chandler, Farmer and Joynes on the season

Corey Chandler and Anthony Farmer reflect on the 2007-2008 Rutgers basketball season.

Corey Chandler stood tall and held a stiff upper lip and proclaimed, "Whether it's the next game or next year I expect to step up to the challenge and make plays".

He felt that Dominique Jones "is an excellent freshman player that provides a challenge to everyone" and " he did a good job for South Florida tonight". "We dug ourselves into a hole, but we fought back. We made some mental errors during the game, and the last shot of the game is not the only one that counts. It's everything that we do during the entire game that matters. We fully expect to work hard throughout the spring and through the summer to get to know each other better, with the loss of just one player we know we can come back and be a good team."

Corey is a player that does not like to lose. He wants this Rutgers team to be competitive and be winners in every game. "Whether it's the last home game, the last game, or the first game, it's not fun losing. We wanted to win it for Byron, but we can't change that now, we can only work to win the next one."

Anthony Farmer looked decidedly dejected and felt terrible that he did not make the final play of the game on his own.

"I should know better, I'm a junior, I need to put myself in a better position to make those shots for my teammates. I tried to read the defense and what I thought they would do wasn't there," continued Farmer.

Anthony was then asked to reflect on just what Byron has done for the Rutgers program. "We really wanted to win it for him. He's there for us every night. He battles hard and is a strong leader to look up to for the younger players on this team. He's been battling injuries, he's been here for five years and he has outstanding character and he wants so badly to win."

After talking things through, Anthony jumped up and finally smiled. The burden was off his back, the game was over and it was time to move on to the next challenge.

Byron Joynes, the warhorse, the captain, the boss of the team, seemed saddened by not being able to deliver a victory in his final home game.

"I had my dad here, my entire family and friends here, and I wanted so much to win this game. I desperately want this team to be ready for a better future," said Joynes.

"I've been pushing myself and working so hard for these young players all year. I try to be the example for them."

Tonight he was pitted against a very strong, tough, and athletic center in Kentrell Gransberry. "He's a real nice guy, a real good player and we talked throughout the game. He has some great moves under the basket and great moves to the basket. A real challenge on the court."

Byron says that he has thought about coaching and plans to head back to Baltimore and work at his old high school. The young kids will benefit from and have better lives as a result of his guidance.

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