Wichita Northwest HS Product has High Upside

Colby Duranleau, a 6'7" and 285 lb OT from Wichita Northwest HS is a name many around the country may not know about. But in due time, they will. He has a combination of size, speed, and passion for the game that has his coach, Weston Schartz, thinking this big man has a tremendously bright future ahead of him.

"Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure to coach great young men like Tyler Jessen, who is headed to Louisville, and Chris Harper, who is headed to Oregon. I look at Colby and have this hunch that this kid is going to really be something special down the road. The kid has been blessed with an incredible physical frame and an incredible frame of mind. He is an absolute gym rat. He is a humble, blue collar, throwback type of kid. He is also a great kid and a great student. Everyday you see him pushing himself to the max and growing. But you also see him pushing all his teammates. He wants to make sure they are successful as well," said Wichita Northwest HS Head Coach, Weston Schartz.

In terms of his physique, Colby Duranleau is just touching the surface.

"He is a broad shouldered kid. His body is just beginning to fill out. He has made great gains in the weight room. What is scary is that his body has so much room to grow. If he continues to push himself the way he does, which I know he will, and really learns to develop his technique, the sky is the limit for the young man," continued Coach Schartz.

Duranleau has received his share of interest during the early stages of the recruiting process, but has yet to receive his initial offer.

"Kansas and Kansas State both are quite interested in him. Wyoming is showing him a lot of attention. He has also gotten invites to camps from schools all across the country. Schools such as Miami, Florida State and Rutgers. A lot of schools want to see how well he performs at their camps. We will sit down and decide in the future which ones to go to. He hopefully will not only turn some heads, but meet some great coaches and people who are going to help him refine his technique and teach him skills to become successful in the future," stated Coach Schartz.

. Finally, we asked Coach Schartz what he thinks, ultimately, Duranleau would like to see in a coaching staff.

"I think he is like many of us. He wants to find people that he believes in and vice versa. He wants to find people that are going to help him evolve into a bigger, better person, on and off the field."

Below, SOR brings fans images of the very well put together lineman in the gym.

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