D.C. Jefferson Senior Season Highlights

The importance of the QB position can never be overstated. First, a successful Ryan Hart groomed and eventually gave way to Mike Teel. With Teel having concluded the majority of his collegiate career and now entering his Senior campaign, it is time to look toward the future. Teel's possible replacement - Enter D.C. Jefferson.

During the early part of the 2007 recruiting season, D.C. Jefferson was seemingly signed, sealed, and delivered to the Tennessee Volunteers. As the spring season evolved and gave way to the summer, things began to change, and D.C's recruitment most certainly undertook its fair share of twists and turns. But, by the time it was all said and done, Jefferson went with his heart and remained loyal to Rutgers, selecting the Scarlet Knights over LSU.

The physically imposing Jefferson, who resembles a Division I defensive end two years into his college career more than he does a Senior in High School, finished his senior campaign on a successful note. He has a tremendous combination of size, underrated athleticism, and uncanny arm strength.

SOR brings fans a glimpse of the future - D.C. Jefferson's Senior season highlight clips:

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