Glenn Carson Names one of His Top 5

Glenn Carson [6-foot-3 and 220-pounds], who's family lineage most certainly suggested that he also would become a prime-time player, caught up with SOR to discuss his recruitment. Carson also told SOR that while he is not yet ready to disclose his Top 5, he is certain of one school that will be entrenched among his favorites.

Glenn Carson, by way of Southern Regional HS (Manahawkin, NJ), has been raking in the scholarship offers by the boatload. Carson held written offers from North Carolina State, Boston College, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Northwestern, Stanford, and Rutgers. Earlier this week, one of the Garden State's finest added two more offers to reach a mighty dozen.

"The latest offers I received were from Duke and Penn State," stated Carson. "I think Duke's campus is really nice and their academics are impressive. Obviously, Penn State is a very big school, with a very big stadium. They also have a huge fan base so you know that poeple there are very interested in football."

It's barely the first week of March, yet Carson is up to an impressive dozen offers, which at this point in time is tops among NJ HS football players. With all the attention coming from so many different angles, Carson states that one school does stand out in terms of continuing to show him the most love.

"I think it's still Rutgers that is coming at me the hardest. They have been coming at me for a long time," stated Carson.

Given the calendar date (i.e, early in the process) is Carson ready to name any favorites?

"I'm still pretty open right now. I have one more week of wrestling and then I'm going to sit down with my coach and my family and begin to narrow things down. One thing I do know is that Rutgers is definitely in my top five," continue Carson.

Carson's familiarity with Rutgers is not a particularly recent phenomenon. He has known several of the Rutgers Football players, allowing him to get a perspective into the RU program that most others cannot.

"All wrestlers have pretty close ties, they form a good bond and become friends. I've known Kevin Malast since he was a Senior, when I was in the 8th grade. I remembered when I found out that he was going to Rutgers how I'd love to be in his situation with a full scholarship. He actually beat Jack Corcoran, who I know also, in the states that year. Then there's Alex Silvestro who I wrestled in the state final last year."

While Carson has placed Rutgers at or near the top of his list, in his Top 5, the MLB prospect states that he remains unsure about a final decision. "Really, it can be anytime," stated Carson, indicating that when that feeling comes, he'll pull the trigger.

And what are some of the things the Garden State standout will be assessing when making his final decision?

"One of the more important things for me is to get to see eye to eye with the coaches and players. I'll be with them for a number of years making that very important. Academics are also very important to me. Also, a school with a big fan base is important," said Carson.

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