LeGrand Begins his Preparation at Rutgers

As Greg Schiano continues to successfully recruit the "State of Rutgers", players living in close proximity have begun to take advantage of RU's facilities. One of the Rutgers' signees who is taking full advantage of the Scarlet Knight's facilities is Eric LeGrand. Take a look at what his experiences have been like working out at Rutgers.

Soon after signing with Rutgers, Eric LeGrand started using the state-of-the art Rutgers facilities to prepare for his freshman year. LeGrand has been visiting the Rutgers campus at least four times a week, working out and attending position meetings. The work-outs have been going well for LeGrand as he states, "it is great. I love going up there everyday and working hard. I want to come in and contribute right away".

LeGrand has been rumored to be one of the strongest prospects in the class with a reported bench press of 405lbs. The initial workouts at Rutgers adversely effected his bench-press because of the need to change his technique. Now that he has been able to get used to the new technique, he has returned back to form. During his last workout, he bench pressed 315lbs for 5 reps in multiple sets.

One of LeGrand's concerns has been his weight. In December, his weight grew to 265lbs. Over the past few months, he has dropped his weight to 248lbs. The Rutgers staff has provided him with a reporting weight of 236lbs and he is committed to make the weight. This is one of the reasons why he has been a frequent visitor to the Rutgers facilities.

Along with his workouts, LeGrand has been sitting in on the LB meetings. Since he is projected to play the Mike (middle LB) which is the quarterback of the defense, it is imperative that he fully understands the defensive scheme and the assignments. However, he is noticing the differences between high school and college. As he states, "it is kind of hard to adjust from high school to college meetings but I think I am doing really well with it so far. By the time the summer comes, I think I will have it down packed".

LeGrand is not the lone incoming freshman utilizing the Rutgers facilities. Piscataway's Marvin Booker is also taking advantage of the proximity of the Rutgers campus to his home. Since Booker and LeGrand are both LBs, the two have developed a good relationship. LeGrand states "our relationship is fine now. It will get even better when we are with each other more in the summer".

LeGrand intends on contributing as a freshman and will continue to work hard toward his goal. SOR will keep you up to date on his progress.

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