Josh Eames

Josh Eames, 6-4 1/2 ,280 , OL, Lower Cape May Regional             

"I verballed to Vanderbilt on Thursday. I had taken my official a week before".

Why did he chose Vanderbilt?

"I really liked it, I was really comfortable with the coaching staff, I liked the players. It was a perfect fit. It has a good background in academics and they are getting some good players."

Who was the runner up?

"Probably Princeton but Vanderbilt was a full ride and I didn't want to have the worries about the financing at Princeton."


What do you think is the most important talent he'll bring to Vanderbilt?

"It is probably my athleticism."

How solid is this commitment?

"Pretty solid, I haven't thought about wither or not I'll take visits. I have to talk that over with my parent but right now I doubt if I'll take other visits."



Josh is a superb student with a 1300 on his SAT and GPA of 4.16 on a 4.0 scale due to his taking advance placement classes. He'll be an engineering major in college. He was offered by Vanderbilt early and was getting attention from a number of Ivy league schools. He is the team mate of south Jersey running back star Matt Dicken.

Mike Fasano:

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