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 Football Recruiting - Good Pub in Florida

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - In 1869, Rutgers beat Princeton 6-4 in the first college football game. For the Scarlet Knights, there have been few bright moments since. Former University of Miami assistant Greg Schiano is in the second year of his mission to give identity to this undistinguished program. The youngest head coach in Division I-A, Schiano, 36, must overcome Rutgers' history of futility.
The program might have taken a giant step Saturday, taking a 17-14 lead into the fourth quarter against top-ranked Miami. But just like the Scarlet Knights' 14-7 halftime lead at Tennessee, Saturday's lead dissolved as UM scored 28 fourth-quarter points to win 42-17.

The Miami Herald | 11/03/2002 | Florida transplants buoy Rutgers

Not so "Good Pub" in Florida

PISCATAWAY, N.J. · We now bring you Brett Romberg's reaction Saturday afternoon as the clock at Rutgers Stadium ticked down the final minutes of the third quarter.  "It's the third &%@#$ quarter and we're down to &%@$# Rutgers." That basically says it all, doesn't it? Here were the No. 1 Hurricanes, the most powerful team in the country, losing to Rutgers. Not FSU. Not West Virginia. Rutgers. Let me put it this way. There are 117 teams in Division I-A. Rutgers came into this game ranked 117th in total offense and 95th in rushing defense.
Sun-Sentinel: Hurricanes


Big East Football - Tech drops in the polls; Pitt, BC climb

 Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Last week
1. Miami (Fla.) (47) 8-0 1,511 1
2. Oklahoma (14) 8-0 1,478 2
3. Ohio State 10-0 1,401 4
4. Texas 8-1 1,315 7
5. Washington State 8-1 1,264 9

But in the AP Poll, Miami pays the price for struggling against the Scarlet

MIAMI, WHO TRAILED Rutgers entering the fourth quarter before winning 42-17, received 32 first-place votes, while Oklahoma received 42 and edged the Hurricanes by 14 overall votes.
Oklahoma moves to No. 1 in AP poll


Basketball - Preseason Top 25

First-place votes in parentheses. Outlook by USA TODAY's Jack Carey. The first regular-season poll will appear Nov. 26. - USA TODAY/ESPN preseason Top 25 poll

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On the Miami Game

You hate to use the refs as an excuse, but it just kills me to see the refs
dictating games. Subconsciously, in their (and everyone's) eyes Rutgers is
not supposed to beat Miami or Tennessee, and calls such as Jones "holding"
and Cubit's TD ending the first half against UT seem to happen.
Incidentally, in RU's last "victory" against a ranked opponent, a 7-7 tie
vs. #25 Boston College in 1995, Keith Price intercepted a pass for a TD that
would have won the game, but the refs called price out of bounds-when he was
2 feet in bounds. You just hate to think what might have been.

On Greg Schiano

Beamer was in his fifth year before things turned around! How can people be
so agitated this early in the recovery process? Take a look at the two deep
chart. There are about 20+ freshmen and redshirt freshmen out of the 44
names. There are additional freshmen on the special teams. You don't
acquire experience thru intravenous feeding, it comes on the field.
That doesn't mean any of us are happy, but perspective is necessary and
blasts are not a way to help the recruiting process - which is where the good
young kids come from!!!!

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