Nunez Holds Four Offers & Looks For More

Hoboken High School DE has received four offers from RU, Virginia, Maryland and East Carolina. He also got a chance to go to the Scarlet Knights' Junior Day. Come see what he had to say on the visit to Piscataway, along with what his top five schools are.

Hoboken, N.J. native Bernardo Nunez got a chance to visit in-state Rutgers for its Junior Day.

The event in Piscataway was nothing new to the Hoboken High School defensive end because he had been to the campus before.

"It was alright," Nunez said. "It wasn't anything new because I've been there before. I knew what it was going to be. I got to know the coaches a little more."

One positive that made the trip different from his other experiences visiting the Scarlet Knights was he got a chance to meet the positional coach who was able to show him some of the schemes they run.

"I got to meet and talked to my positional coach the most," Nunez said. "I learned about the offense and defense."

After going a while without an offer, Nunez has received offers from Rutgers, Virginia, Maryland and East Carolina.

The Knights, Cavaliers and Terrapins are also on his top five list that has Miami and Florida on it.

"They are disciplined and well coached," Nunez said on Rutgers. "They are close to home and were the first team to offer me. I know that shouldn't matter, but it means something."

Virginia offers Nunez a chance to be a hybrid defender.

"I could play two positions: outside linebacker and defensive end," he said. "The coaches talked to me about how well I looked on film."

Nunez was suppose to attend Maryland's Junior Day but was unable to. He plans on visiting them in the future.

"The defensive coach is a great guy," he said. "One of my fellow teammates is there so I have to see how I can get up there."

Outside of the Terrapins, Nunez is unsure of who he else he plans on visiting.

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