Omar Savage

Omar Savage (DE, 6'4"-220lbs, Piscataway High School)

Omar Savage (DE, 6'4"- 220lbs) from Piscataway High School in Piscataway, NJ is one of the best DE's in the state of New Jersey. To date, he has over 14 scholarship offers and is a full qualifier.

Currently, he has three visits set. They are:

*He previously list Clemson but has eliminated them from consideration.

He stated that he has no leader among the three and feels that all three of the schools are equal. Since things can change from one year to the other, the record of the team does not matter to him. He feels that the above schools have the campus atmosphere, a good coaching staff, and good towns around the schools.

Although he views the three schools as equal, each of the three schools have things in their favor.

- Really nice campus with beautiful surroundings.
- Has a lot of family in the area, who would have an opportunity to see him play.

- Really likes the coaching staff
- Has his immediate family in the area.

Boston College
- Has his two former teammates, Larry Lester and Justin Hinds, on the squad.

The only one of the three schools that has not offered him is Boston College. He stated that they will probably offer on or before his visit. If they do not offer, he has a number of other schools choose from.

He stated that he will probably take all of his visits before making a decision.

How did he do in his last game?
In a 26-5 victory over Old Bridge H.S, he had two sacks and 12 tackles with 4 tackles for losses.

Savage attended the Rutgers-Miami game and left the game impressed with the Rutgers effort.

He was not the only Rutgers prospect that attended the game. He stated that Eric Young, Pedro Sosa, Mike Fladell, along with a number of Don Bosco players were in attendance.

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