Zeke Motta Starting To Garner Major Attention

At 6'3"-205lbs with 4.4 speed and a 4.0 GPA, Zeke Motta is quickly becoming a hot name in Florida. He holds four offers and counting. Since he is looking for a good academic school, distance will not be a factor. Therfore, many traditional powers are now calling along with many of the best academic schools in the country.

Zeke Motta, a 6’3 210 S/OLB prospect from Vero Beach High School burst on to the scene last year. “He is an incredibly versatile player. On defense, he played free safety. On offense, we used him as the lead blocker on running plays, used him as a motion tight end and also split him out wide sometime- we’d have him catch jump balls cause he has great leaping ability and ball skills. He also kicked the ball for our team. He is one of the most selfless kids I have ever coached. He is the total package. The only thing he can’t do is throw the ball”, stated head coach Gary Coggin.

On defense, Motta was a terror, tallying 89 solo tackles. “He is gifted from the sense that he is extremely athletic with great acceleration and explosion. He has good get off speed and breaks on the ball really well. He has fluid hips. He is also a physical kid that likes contact. He is a strong hitter and solid tackler. On pass plays, he did not look to make interceptions. He looked to make contact and disrupt plays. His ability to accelerate and take good angles also allowed him to be a force on special teams. He blocked a total of seven kicks last year”.

For his performance on the field, Motta was awarded First Team All-State, Class 6-A, the largest classification in Florida. “This is all kind of new to us. We have always had undersized, humble, blue collar kids in our program. We have always played strong, fundamental football here. We take pride in outworking our opponents. But Zeke Motta is our first true, bona-fide Division 1 athlete we have had here. He looks great on film. And he is a kid that comes from a great family and has great character. You never have to worry about him being involved with the wrong element. Every accolade he has received he is well-deserving of. I cannot speak more highly of that young man”.

And while Motta took care of business on the field, Motta’s dad made sure he also excelled in the class room. “In our home, we love football, but to Zeke we strongly stress discipline in all aspects of life, especially in the books” stated his dad, Bill Motta, a former Miami police officer, who himself played defense for the Auburn Tigers and is the defensive coordinator at Vero Beach. “For instance, Zeke has been a star soccer player since he was a young kid. He loves playing the game. But as he began to further challenge himself academically, and is taking AP courses, he began to struggle in one of his courses. So he gave up soccer, so that he could focus on his grades. That was a hard sacrifice for him, but he has his priorities. He is still maintaining a 4.0 GPA. He is a very accountable young man”.

Ultimately, Bill Motta is looking for a great mix of athletics and academics for his son. “We want him to have a great, well rounded experience in college. We would love for him to have a nice balance between football and academics. He has a passion for the game of football, but he also has a desire to succeed in life. And football is not going to last for ever”.

Thus far, he has written offers from Florida International University and UCF. “FIU has been really impressive in that we get daily hand written letters from them. We have received letters from every member of their coaching staff and they have made it very evident that they would love to have Zeke. UCF has also offered and they have a great staff. We have also received calls from Northwestern, Stanford, Auburn, WVU, Penn State. Notre Dame called the office two days ago. Florida invited him up for the spring game and wants him to camp up there. Rutgers is another school we are looking in to. We are looking in to the Ivy league schools as well“

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