Q & A with Art Forst

Art Forst chose to forgo the spring semester of his senior year in high school in order to get an early start on his college football career. SOR had the opportunity to talk to the massive OL about Spring Practice.

SOR: How has the early enrollment gone for you?

AF: It has gone great. I am taking a full class load and those classes are going well. I am ultimately thinking about majoring in Political Science.

SOR: Talk about your football related goals in the spring and heading to the fall.

AF: Just to do the best I can out there. I really want to be a part of the two deep and hope to play and help out the team.

SOR: If you don’t play, would you be adverse to a red-shirt year?

AF: There are pros-and-cons to red-shirting, so we will see how that goes. But I really hope that I could help the team out sooner than later.

SOR: Explain the transition from high school football to college football.

AF: The biggest difference is the speed of the game. The LBs here are very fast. Plus the defense presents many different looks, so you have to be able to prepare for that. We have to learn a lot of keys and different responsibilities.

SOR: Talk about the differences between coaching in high school, and now with Coach Flood at Rutgers.

AF: The intensity of the work and the preparation is similar. I had one of the best high school offensive line coaches and now I am learning from one of the best college offensive line coaches. Both are great teachers of football and offensive line play.

SOR: How big are you right now and how do you think your body will change over the years?

AF: I am at 6’8 or close to that, and weighing 300 pounds right now. I could probably gain up to another 15 pounds.

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