Q & A with Manny Abreu

After a true freshman year that resulted in hip surgery, Manny Abreu has returned to the practice field this spring on a mission to win a starting position. SOR had the opportunity to talk with Abreu and get the latest status report on one of Schiano's biggest recruiting coups to date.

SOR: You had a hip injury that limited you last year. How does it feel now?

MA: The injury actually started in high school, but it became so nagging that it really limited me. I had surgery and it feels much better. Not quite 100%. It is around 95% I would say. But I don't feel limited at all.

SOR: Talk about the transition from high school to college.

MA: The transition takes time. There are so many new things to learn. Last year, I felt like I was thinking a lot out there. Now, I am reacting more. The game is becoming more natural.

SOR: Discuss the off-season program for you.

MA: Unfortunately it was a bit limited with the surgery and all, but I have gradually gotten bigger and stronger with time.

SOR: How has the spring gone for you?

MA: So far I am happy with it. I am trying my best out there. I just want to get better everyday, become a better player.

SOR: What are your expectations for the fall?

MA: I would love to play and make an impact. But I am taking things one day at a time. I am just focusing on becoming a better player everyday, learning the system, and hopefully things work out for the best.

SOR: What are your thoughts of the linebackers on the team?

MA: I think we have some young guys, but we have talent. I think we can be pretty good.

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