Regas seeing interest from all over

OL prospect Evangelos Regas, by way of Toms River High-North HS (Toms River, NJ), stands at 6-foot-4 and 310-pounds. Regas has been seeing interest from a number of local and east coast programs but has also seen interest come his way from from several schools across the nation.

Evangelos Regas has yet to receive his initial offer but is currently on the receiving end of interest from many programs. They include Notre Dame, West Virginia, Virginia, Penn State, Syracuse, Rutgers, Maryland, North Western, Duke, North Carolina, Boston College, Connecticut, Michigan State, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, and several of the Ivy League schools.

Regas has had the opportunity to attend Junior Days at a trio of the aforementioned schools, including Maryland, Rutgers, and West Virginia. Due to scheduling issues he was unable to make his way to Northwestern, Syracuse, and Notre Dame, all of which extended the Garden State standout invites.

Although Regas remains open in his recruitment, retaining interest in those extending it to him, he did speak about a number of schools in particular.

"Notre Dame is one of the top programs in the country, has a great educational value and an excellent coaching staff and the traditions they have built over the years are wonderful," stated Regas.

"Boston College is one of the top programs in the ACC. They have a consistent winning program and offer an excellent education."

"Penn State is another top program in the country with a great campus and facilities, excellent coaching staff and winning tradition. I plan on attending the Penn State spring game on April 19th."

Regas also offered his thoughts on Maryland, a school he has visited recently. "Maryland is another ACC power. I enjoyed meeting the coaching staff especially Coach Friedgen. I also liked the campus atmosphere of College Park."

Rutgers is a school that Regas has seen on a number of occassions, including four games last fall. "Rutgers is an up and coming program. Coach Schiano is building a winning tradition and I would like to be part of that especially here in New Jersey. The facilities are some of the best I've seen and they offer a great education also."

Lastly, Regas discussed his thoughts on the flagship program of the Big East: West Virginia. "West Virginia has great facilities. I enjoyed the tour of the campus and could see myself playing there. They have had a great winning program over the last 6 years. I enjoyed meeting Coach Stewart and the rest of the coaching staff."

Most athletes with Division-I aspirations are busy this time of year, spending the majority of their available time in the weight room or on the track, working to improve some aspect of their game. Regas is right there wih them, working out five days per week making impressive gains in the weight room and in terms of his speed.

"My off season conditioning has been non-stop. After we won the NJ State Sectional Championship on December 5th 2007, I had all of 1 week off before winter track season started. Being a thrower during winter and spring track has me training with the weight team 5 days a week. We do a lot of sprint and agility exercises and weight work all throughout the week to help improve our quickness and power which is important for both the Shot Put and Discuss throws. After I'm finished with track practice around 4:30 or so I head up to Velosity Sports Performance in Wall, NJ three times a week, where I concentrate on improving my speed, agility and my leg strength. I will spend one and a half hours there running, stretching and doing more lifting before I call it quits around 6:30. Besides that I can be found at the local gym a couple of days a week where I concentrate on my upper body."

Regas also participates in and excels in the Shot Put, an event whose training has certainly allowed him to increase his overall strength.

"During the Winter Indoor season I placed 2nd for the Ocean County Championship and 3rd for the Shore Conference Championship in the Shot Put. I did not compete in the State Championship meets this year because they unfortunately conflicted with Rutgers Junior Day which I attended. Spring season has just begun and I'm looking forward to trying to beat my personal best throws of 52' in the shot and 141' in the discuss."

Over the next few weeks to couple of months Regas plans on attending summer camp sessions at both Rutgers and Maryland. The standout Garden State OL has also been extended an invitation to Chris Melvin's BigTime Football Showcase, being held on May 8th.

In the Weight Room:
Bench Press: 395-pounds
Power Clean: 240-pounds
Squat: 450-pounds

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