Focus '08: Aaron Hush

Aaron Hush, by way of Piscataway HS [Piscataway, NJ], stands at 6-foot-4 inches and weighs 230-pounds. The local standout is an impressive looking athlete that excels on the gridiron and on the basketball court as well.

I regretfully admit that the first time I saw Aaron Hush, a standout football player about to enter his Senior year at Piscataway HS, I didn't know precisely who I was looking at. But I do remember the day that I initially saw the local standout.

In attendance during the first weekend of February, at the RAC, joined by fellow SOR columnist Ray Balter, my intention had been from the get-go to see first hand future Scarlet Knight and McDonald's All-America honoree Mike Rosario in action. That the second game of the PrimeTime Shootout was to have all-world Oak Hill Academy perform was not too shabby of a consolation prize. Their opponents that evening: Piscataway HS.

Piscataway fought hard and held the game close for the initial half of the contest, making things rather difficult for super-duper point guard Brandon Jennings, athletic big-man Dan Jennings, and the rest of Oak Hill's squad. There was one performer on Piscataway's team that led that charge: Aaron Hush. His stat line for that evening: 9 points, 13 rebounds (7 of which were off the offensive variety), and 2 blocked shots (which I vividly recall).

"That game was crazy. They came in there and they were trying to intimidate us and I didn't like it," stated Aaron Hush, who did all he could to keep the game competitive.

Fast forward to the Chuck Mound Football Challenge held in Mid-March where I was reminded of the standout's impressive athleticism. At a legitimate 6-foot-4, Hush, who had just finished basketball season and had yet to begin training for football, put together a 4.79 40-yard dash. Possessing a 36" vertical leap to go along with his size and speed, it's only a matter of time before schools begin to hear of the Garden State standout.

"I've been hearing from some schools. Some of them are Rutgers, Iowa, Connecticut, Temple, and USC," stated Hush.

Due to basketball season Hush has been unable to attend any Junior days but has found time more recently to take in a couple of practices at Rutgers.

"I really liked going to the Rutgers practices. Everything they do, it all goes so much faster than what we do. They have a very scripted practice, they're very organized, and I really like that," said Hush.

"I love Rutgers. I've been liking them since I was little. I love how they prepare for everything and how they're always ready to play, and I love how fast they play."

Hush is being recruited as a defensive end by most schools although Iowa and Temple have stated that they prefer to recruit him as an Athlete instead.

Hush states that he'll be competing in the BigTime Football Showcase being held on May 8th at Rutgers University. He's also considering attending the Connecticut Spring Game, and plans on competing at the Rutgers summer camp at the end of June.

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