Photo Album: April 12th Practice

A view into the Scarlet Knights' spring preparation for the 2008 season.

Kordell Young goes through the cone drills as Coach Gary Brown
looks on.

Tim Brown goes high to grab a pass.

Tim Brown makes a move up field.

Stephen Shimko launches a pass.

The recipient of Shimko's pass is Scarlet Knight newcomer Keith Stroud.

Pat Brown grabs a tough pass.

Craig McGovern excels up field.

Chris Paul Etienne delivers a pass to Craig McGovern.

Ken Gordon goes through the cone drills.

Shamar Graves turns up field after a catch.

Dom Natale looking downfield.

Davon Smart grabs a pass during a DB drill.

A field view of the construction.

An elevated view of the construction.

Another look at ongoing construction.

Yet another look.

... and another view of the construction.

Dennis Campbell continues a good spring by hauling in another

All-American candidate Kenny Britt excels up field after a grab.

Mike Teel delivers a pass to Kenny Britt.

Keith Shroud elevates to bring down this pass.

After a position switch from QB, Andrew DePaola is looking solid
at WR.

Andres Morales goes through the cone drills.

Items from the Texas Bowl.

The International Bowl trophy along with Ray Rice's jersey.

The Insight Bowl trophy along with Ryan Neil's jersey.

A view of the construction.

A view of the construction.

A view of the construction.

A view of the construction.

A view of the construction.

Chris Paul Etienne drops back for a pass.

Kevin Malast in the his LB drills.

Kordell Young continues his return to action as he goes through
the cone drills.

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