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SOR is happy to bring fans unable to attend the annual Scarlet-White Game game a live play-by-play blog from Piscataway, New Jersey.

Rutgers Football: Scarlet-White Spring Game Blog

Final Score: Scarlet 28 - White 14
Shimko to Stroud for a 14-yard pickup bringing up 4th and 1 for Team White.

15-yard pesonal foul penalty on Team White. On the ensuing play Shimko completes the pass, while under pressure, to J. Brooks.

Shimko to Ken Gordon for 21-yards and a first down for Team White, brought down by Jim Dumont.

Steve Shimko in at QB for Team White.

Natale swiches over to Team Scarlet, but Team White forces a punt.

Etienne's pass intercepted by Team Scarlet, with 9:16 remaining in the 4th qtr.

Etienne to Stroud for 15 yards with the ball now on the Scarlet 43-yard line, as Team White continues to drive.

Etienne making things happen on the run, picks up 10-yards and a 1st down for Team White, who is now on their own 39-yard line.

End 3rd Qtr

52-yard punt for Dellaganna [Team Scarlet], after Team White's defense stopped Team Scarlet on 3 plays (and a punt).

Scarlet 28 - White 14: 3rd Qtr [1:00 left]

Martinek with the 1-yard rush into the endzone.

Rob Cervini and Antonio Lowery combine on the 3rd and 1 hit to prevent Martinek from reaching the endzone.

Natale witht a bullet pass (25 yards)to Stroud, down to the 1-yard line for Team White. 1st and Goal.

Natale completes to Shroud for a 11-yard pass play. 1st and 10 from the 26 as Team White is driving down the field.

Natale back in as Team White QB. 1st pass on 1st down is batted down at the LOS.

Lovelace on the carry, rushes for 12 yards. Abreu and Lowery on the stop, bringing up 4th down.

Lovelace in at QB for the Scarlet team. Brooks with a 4-yard loss.

Wayne Thomas with the 8-yard sack on Etienne.

Chris Paul-Etienne in at QB for the White team.

Halftime Stats
Rushing 1st Downs - Scarlet [17]/White [4]
Passing 1st Downs - Scarlet [5]/White [2]
Net Rushing Yds - Scarlet [50]/White [60]
Net Yards Passing - Scarlet [238]/White [56]
Comp-Att-Int - Scarlet [16-24-0]White [3-8-1]
Total Offense - Scarlet [288]/White [116]
3rd Down Conv - Scarlet [5-7]/White [0-3]

Scarlet 28 - White 7: Halftime

Teel to Underwood on a 27-yard pass play (previous play was a Teel to Ti completion for 17-yards). Underwood with significant yad after second catch, eluding 3 would-be tacklers on his way to the endzone.

Desmond Wynn batts down the Teel pass at the LOS.

Natale's pass tipped and intercepted by Jim Dumont: Scarlet regains possession from the White 45-yard line (:49 left).

Natale in at QB for the White team.

Scarlet 21 - White 7: 1:02 left in Half #1.

13 plays for 79 yards on the drive.

Teel completes to Ti Underwood for a 28-yard TD as Jason McCourty bit underneath.

Under 1:30 left in the 1st half.

Abreu with a hard hit on Brooks, though Teel's batted pass to Brooks was complete for a 1st down.

Teel completes a 13-yard pass play to Kenny Britt - Abreu with the stop. Britt is slow to get off the field (shoulder).

Jourdan Brooks on a 3rd and powers through for a 2-yard gain and a team Scarlet 1st down. Blair Bines with the tackle.

Teel nearly intercepted by Jason McCourty bringing up 2nd and 15 for the Scarlet.

6 minutes left in the first half (running clock).

White drive stalls and team Scarlet regains posession at the 14 yard line.

Joe Martinek with a long run, for the White (49-yards) gets knowcked out at the 37 yard line.

Teddy Dellaganna with a booming punt for the Scarlet - ball will be placed at the 10-yard lone.

Brooks with a 3-yard gain bringing up a 3rd and 6 from the 46 for the Scarlet. Teel's ensuing 3rd down pass is tipped at the LOS, bringing up 4th down.

Teel to Britt (for the Scarlet) on a 14-yard pass play. Ball to be spotten on the 50-yard line.

Scarlet now leads 14-7: 4 plays for 65 yards on the drive.

Lovelace to Julian Hayes on a 40-yard pass play, for a TD.

Scarlet leads 14-0: 10-play 68 yards for the drive.

Mason Robinson rushes for 2 yards on 4th andd 1: Touchdown.

Teel completes to Underwood for a 20-yard gain, to bring the ball to the 11 yard line; tackled by Glen Lee.

Teel to Kenny Britt for 17 yards - Jason McCourty on the tackle.

Scarlet Leads 7-0

Teel opened up the scoring on a 26-yard pass play to Jack Corcoran for a TD.

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