Netwhispers on Hoops


Netwhispers On Hoops


Hats Off To Michigan and their President, Mary Sue Coleman for coming out and saying that they did something wrong and want to repent.  It's like the kid that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and said I won't eat any more cookies after he had already downed a dozen.


Let's look at what the Blue is willing to do. First, the Wolverines are going to wipe out by forfeit 117 victories that occurred between 1992 and 1999. Second, they are willing to remove four banners from the rafters at Crisler Arena.  Third, they will self impose a post-season ban during the year 2002-2003. Fourth and finally, they will repay the NCAA approximately one half million dollars.


Obviously, Mary Sue Coleman's mama didn't raise no fool.  Obviously, the folks up in Wolverine Country spend a lot of time watching television in the winter especially illusionists like New Jersey's own, David Cooperfield.


I don't buy the sanctions, not one bit.  As Shakespeare once wrote, this is Much Ado About Nothing. Sanctions one and two are nothing but cosmetic appearance.  I think another way of saying damage control.  Let's throw the boys at the NCAA off the scent and say we are really sorry and won't close our eyes again.


 Sanction three doesn't even impose a penalty on the Big Ten Tournament just the NIT and NCAA Tournaments. There is no guarantee that this Michigan team would be going anywhere in March but home.  This is the second year in a rebuilding process since Tom Amaker took over the team. Yes, there are an abundance of high profile freshmen but you never know with freshmen.  Ask TA about that question?  Didn't he have the Fab 5 at Seton Hall a couple of years ago that went nowhere?


The fourth gesture will be the return of approximately a half million dollars to the NCAA, tournament money.  This is a drop in the bucket also.  Just try and figure out how much money the Wolverines stashed in the coffers from alumni donations during the 1990's.  Now factor in the licensure fees from right protected logos.  Now you know that the Prez is laughing all the way to the bank.


What is going to hurt them today and show them that the NCAA is not kidding?  What is going to remand them ever turning their backs again?  What will imply that next time guys, you get the old one-year no hoops penalty?


You got to hit them where it hurts.  You got to go after scholarship, television and post-season when it will affect their recruiting process.  You have to show Michigan that most favored status doesn't apply.  The NCAA "Extra Benefit" rule for lack of institutional control implies all three of these sanctions. It nowhere implies leniency for infractions under a previous administration or for pre-emptive self-imposed sanctions. Nice try Wolverines but if I want to watch an illusionist I'd still rather watch David Cooperfield.

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