Meeting Ken Gillespie

Some questions and answers with Rutgers newest football recruit.

Ken Gillespie, 6-0, 205 TE, DE, 6-0, 205, 4.43, Long Branch HS     

Why did you chose Rutgers?

"They made me an early offer for a scholarship, I know the coaches pretty well, I was at their camp, I liked the facilities and I think that the program is going to take off pretty soon."


Anything special happen at the Rutgers camp that might have influenced the offer?

"At the Rutgers camp a lot of coaches were telling me that I impressed them with my being a hard worker and they really liked that. I feel that my overall performance was pretty good."

What are your stats this year?

"I have seven sacks, one interceptions returned for a touchdown, 10-11 hurries. In an average game I would estimate that I average 5or 6 tackles a game."


Was Berkeley Hutchinson an influence?

"Yes, he was a big influence on me, he is a close friend of mine. He would tell me how the program was looking good and about to take off. He told me how good the people are at Rutgers and how the coaches care about you."


Did the Miami game influence your decision to come to Rutgers?

"I was watching how Rutgers was outplaying Miami and just got down towards the end of the game. I was impressed with their performance. They are just going to get better with time."


What do you think is the most important talent you'll bring to Rutgers?

"Hopefully, I'll just play the best I can and help in any way that I can. I am a team player and I'll try my best to help them win."


How solid is this commitment?

"It is pretty solid. I doubt I'll change my mind."


As a junior Ken had 54 tackles, 10 sacks and forced 2 fumbles. He is noted for a combination of exceptional speed and strength.

"I was timed by my track coach this year at 4.43 on a track, I was timed by my football coach at a 4.44 on a track. At the Rutgers camp I ran a 4.56 on turf. I am a hard worker and I'll do whatever it takes to become better and better as a player."

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