Jermaine Dias

Jermaine Dias (DE/OLB, 6'2"-225lbs)

Jermaine Dias (DE/OLB, 6'2"-225lbs) from Hackensack High School in Hackensack, New Jersey is one of the most highly recruited players in the state with over 35 scholarship offers. Dias has the ability to excel at either the OLB or DE positions in college. Therefore, most schools are leaving him with the option of which position to play. Although Dias would prefer to play OLB, he says that he will play where ever the program needs him the most.

Dias has already setup four of his visits. They are:

Boston College 12/6/2002
Virginia 1/17/2002
North Carolina 1/10/2002
Maryland 12/13/2002

If Dias' high school team advances deep into the playoffs, he will reschedule the Boston College visit until late January.

Currently, Dias states that he does not have a leader and will not make a decision until he takes all of his visits. There is a good chance that he will not commit until the National Signing Day.

Where will he take his fifth visit?
Dias admits that he is not sure where he will take his last visit. However, he did state that two of the possibilities are Notre Dame or Northwestern.

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