Photo Album: BigTime Showcase

The BigTime Showcase attracted some big names last Thursday evening/night and SOR was on hand to bring fans a glimpse of the action.

Devon Smith (#2 White) takes David Williams (#37 Black) deep.
Smith ran among the best forties of the day (sub 4.4)

Aaron Heyward makes a great catch as he falls to the ground over
Darlos James.

Aaron Heyward beat Nyshier Oliver on a slant pass.

Jerrard Hunter fights off the press cover.

Tom Savage scans the field to delivery another bullet.

Tom Savage releases a deep pass.

Aaron Heyward pushes off of the line and starts his pattern.

Tim Sunkins (#12) and Tom Bianchi go one-on-one.

Aaron Heyward leaves the field after another solid performance.

Carlo Calabrese working his techique during the one-on-one passing

Ka'Lial Gland runs stride for stride with RB Carlton Koonce during
the one-on-one pass.

Ka'Lial Gland continues to run stride for stride with RB Carlton Koonce
all the way down field.

Steven Beauharnais works his LB technique

Rising Junior Khairi Fortt shows his ability to get up field to guard
the swing pass.

Tom Savage taking aim on his target.

Mike Larrow

Kansas resident Colby Duranleau (in the white) goes one-on-one.

Jon Bonadies (#15) engaged with Mike Cole in the one-on-one pass

Mike Larrow going through the individual DL drills.

Blake Graham working his way through the bag drill.

Justin Brown running his 4.44 forty yard dash.

Colby Duranleau running his 5.28 forty.

Jon Bonadies going one-on-one.

Danzel Manley goes one-on-one with rising junior Terrence Bourne.

Irvin Proctor (in the white) square against Aaron Hush.

Marco Battaglia addresses some ofthe attendees.

Malcolm Bush fighting to get the ball.

Marco Battaglia & Ray Lucas were in coaching the receivers &
quarterbacks, respectively.

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