Quintero Frierson

Quintero Frierson, 6-1, 215, LB, 4.5, Coral Gables HS, Coral Gables, FL                


Kentucky, Rutgers and Auburn, FIU

Current leaders

Rutgers- "I was at their football camp. I saw the school. I liked the community. I talked to the coaches about how their system worked, how their academic support worked. I liked everything that they had to say."

Official visits

Rutgers, December 7th. None other set at this time.

Games to date

"I have been doing good. I have 162 tackles, 7 sacks. I have one TD on defense and 3 on offense. I play tight end and fullback on offense. I have two catches for TD and one run for a TD. The TD on defense was a 40 yard interception return.'


Last year Frierson had an astonishing 142 tackles in the regular season. Through the first five games this season, he had 88 tackles, two interceptions, and two sacks. Frierson was named one of the best prospects in Florida in a preseason choice of top players by the Orlando Sentinel.

"My greatest asset is my ability to read the guards and know where the play is coming. Once you can read the blocking schemes you have it made and I can do that very well."

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