DB Anderson holds 3 offers with more coming

Rishard Anderson, who currently measures 6'0 180, and projects as either a CB or S, is starting to garner major attention this spring. The 2nd team All-Broward selection registered 66 tackles last year and was a factor in his American Heritage (Miramar) team's 13-1 record last fall.

Rishard Anderson has a combination of great size, explosiveness, fluid hips, aggressiveness and speed that make him a top DB prospect for the 2009 season. At a combine earlier in the season, he ran a 4.6 electronic 40 yard dash, and a 37" vertical jump. He is currently working out with a trainer at Perfect Competition Training Studio, which is known for training some of the areas top athletes, and recorded bench and squat max of 275 and 375 respectively.

Thus far he has tallied three early written offers from Vanderbilt, Syracuse and Rutgers. He is also getting visits to the school from programs across the country.

"I have been getting visits from a lot of coaches and speaking to them has been a great experience thus far. I like them all. Several Vanderbilt coaches have come by and they were my first offer, so they are high on my list. Coach Salgado from Syracuse was here recently and other members from the staff are also coming by soon. Coach Hewitt from Rutgers has been by and he is real cool. Rutgers is supposed to be sending a bunch of other coaches next week. They have done well down here in recent years and I know Justin Francis and his whole family pretty well, so I am familiar with them".

Just today, Anderson had four other schools come by. "Coaches from LSU, Colorado State, Kentucky and Auburn all came by today. One of my good friends, Marquise Law is going to be a freshman up at Colorado State next year and he is excited about the opportunities up there. LSU is a school that I like…. LSU and Miami are the two teams I would consider myself a fan of. Auburn and Kentucky are two powers in the SEC and play great football".

Anderson thinks that a few other schools may be on the verge of pulling the trigger on offers. "I have received a great deal of attention from UCF, Louisville, Wisconsin and South Carolina. South Carolina has offered my teammate LB/S Brent Singleton (6'0 200. 4.6 electronic 40 yard dash. He has offers from South Carolina, Syracuse). I think they like me a bit. Overall, I think all four may be close to offering".

The well spoken Anderson looks on track to qualify. He carries a 3.2 GPA and has done well in the Pre-SAT. He will take the exam for the first time in June. "I have been preparing for the test and have done well. I don't think qualifying should be an issue".

He is unsure of which camps, if any, he will attend this summer. He remains completely open and wants to take all his visits to make the best educated decision in terms of his college decision. He thinks he may want to study business in college.

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