CT Rising JR Updates on his Big Spring

Rising JR Khairi Fortt (6'3 215) from Stamford HS, Stamford CT. is beginning to establish himself as one of the top prospects in the Northeast for the 2010 season. His incredible size and athletic abilities have turned the heads of many college coaches and resulted in several early mentions of offers once he becomes a junior.

We had the chance to speak to Khairi Fortt's dad, Guy Fortt, in regards to his son's recruitment. He shared some information on the school's showing early interest this spring in Khairi.

UCONN - Coach Lakatos "We have been in contact for sometime, been to their incredible facility. We have met several of the players and checked around the campus. The atmosphere in Storrs is great. We went to junior day and to spring practice. They told Khairi to expect an offer. They came by for a visit at Stamford HS earlier this spring".

UNC - Coach Gonnella "Based on word of mouth, they contacted me and said they wanted to offer Khairi. They are heavy on recruiting LB for next year. They came by for a visit at Stamford HS".

Boston College - Coach Siravo "They were the first to give Khairi a verbal after he came to camp last year. They were keeping an eye on him. However since he has been competing in these combines/camps and doing well and with his development in size and speed, they have been fast on his trail. They came by for a visit at Stamford HS".

Rutgers - Coach Joe Susan " Rutgers invited Khairi to a junior day sometime ago. When they saw him, the spirit of the coaches was really nice. After a day of practice and meeting some of the players, Khair had a chance to meet the Head Coach. He talked about the program and what he likes to see in kids in terms of the commitment needed to succeed. They said they were interested in offering Khairi once he became a junior".

Ohio State - Coach Luke Fickell Khairi went to Florida for a 7 on 7 event. He impressed people there and someone told Coach Fickell that he thought he could play at Ohio State . Coach Fickell contacted me and we have been keeping in touch. He said that they wanted to offer Khairi based on his video. They liked how he used his hands and his acceleration to the ball, etc. I am in the process of sending his transcripts to the school.

Notre Dame - Coach Corwin Brown I spoke with Coach Brown, and he had a lot of good things to say about Khairi. He was most impressed with his humble spirit. They too want a transcript ASAP. They loved his size and speed.

Syracuse - Coach Jackson Came to visit at Stamford HS. He was impressed with his size, but he did not get a chance to see his video, but just looking at him thought he could be an early selection to play on his team. Wanted to see him at a one day camp this summer and wants to build a relationship with our family.

Florida Gators - Coach They came to Stamford HS to visit. They said he passed the eyeball test and wanted to see him at camp this summer.

Clemson - Coach Dooley They have been in the picture for a while. They have asked us not to count them out. Also they saw his film and said they thought he was going to be national recruit. They want him to come to camp.

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