D.C. Jefferson ready for Rutgers

D.C. Jefferson has taken his last high school test, closed out strong academically, and did the work necessary to make his dream of attending college possible. A young man, who would have been considered more of a national recruit if not for academic question marks, buckled down the stretch and is ready for his next task- heading up to Rutgers and becoming a leader for the Scarlet Knights.

"My freshman year of high school, I was just so excited to be going to school, that I got caught up with distractions and did not put much emphasis on academics. Then over the last two years, when I began understanding college recruiting, which I had no idea about going in to high school, is when I started becoming more serious about school. Over the last year, Coach McNulty and the academic people at Rutgers set up a game plan for me to succeed and I followed exactly what they said".

It was never the ability that D.C. Jefferson lacked, but the plan. "They really stayed on top of me, from both a football and academic standpoint. I speak to Coach McNulty on a daily basis, and he makes sure I do the right things to succeed. They created a plan for me, that if I had not known about or followed, I may not have qualified".

When asked about his friend and current Rutgers recruit Malcolm Johnson, who was rumored to have academic question marks, D.C. stated "I saw Malcolm recently and he said he took the test, did a lot of school work, and that he qualified. He says that he is going to play DB. He said he is motivated and wants to play as a freshman".

D.C plans to report to Rutgers on June 19th. On reporting to Rutgers and leaving Florida, D.C stated "You have no idea how badly I want to get up there"

In the meantime, he is currently working with Orlando-based QB Guru, Darin Slack, who runs the Quarterback Academy program. Slack is known for transforming the career of former LSU QB Matt Flynn and dramatically increasing the stock of U.S. Army All-American and current Alabama commit Star Jackson. Coach Slack has also worked with former NFL QB Tim Couch, Wisconsin QB's Dustin Sherer and Curt Phillips, as well as current Mississippi State starting QB Wes Carroll.

DC states "Coach Slack is awesome. He has helped me out a lot with correcting some details in my mechanics. My spirals are coming out tighter now. I am getting more RPMs on the ball. He has completely taken any wobble I may have had on my balls. The point of release on my throws is a little bit lower and tighter. I am leading with my elbow as opposed to my shoulder and using my body more when I throw now. At first it was a little bit difficult to get used to, but with the repetition, I have gotten used to it".

D.C. is also working out at Winter Haven H.S. with some of his former teammates. "I throw the ball about 3-4 times a week with some of the guys during or after spring practice. I am also working out hard with the work out programs. Doing some long distance running and sprints. I grew about an inch since when I visited Rutgers. They measured me at 6'6", and I am at 6'7" now. I am weighing 257 lbs. I have good weight on me and feel nice and lean. I got my bench press up to over 315 lbs. I feel like I am in good shape. I feel really strong".

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