Larrow's Recruitment Gaining Momentum

Coming via Union HS in Union, NJ, Mike Larrow is a DE/DT who has been getting offers and interest from both coasts. SOR recently spoke to him about where he is at with recruiting and his plans for this summer.

Larrow at 6-foot-3, 250-pounds, currently has six offers and another six teams interested. "Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, South Florida, Illinois and Oregon have sent offers. Purdue, Virginia, Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Iowa and North Carolina have shown interest," Larrow said. Larrow does not have a top five list but says he feels comfortable with the teams that have sent him offers so far.

Larrow has received offers from teams that are on the way up or trying to get back there. He comments about each team and what he likes about them.

Rutgers - "They are close to home; I know a lot of recruits, like Tom Savage. The coaches are nice and straightforward. I have spoken to Coach Schiano, and I believe he will be there for years, and the program is up-and-coming." Larrow added, "They are doing really well and the academics are good. My D-line coach would be Coach (Gary) Emanuel, and one of his players, Pete Tverdov, was from my school and I talk to him all the time and he says great things about him."

Syracuse – "They have a good tradition and academics. They asked me what I would want to major in. The coaching staff is nice and they treat their players nicely, and this is an improving program.

Illinois – "I do not know too much about them, I am going on a visit. The recruiting coach is Tom Sims, who would be my position coach. Coach Sims is a very cool, very real, straightforward man who knows his stuff. He has a great group of guys on the line, so he must be good. [After their appearance in the Rose Bowl last year], they are heading in the right direction.

Oregon – "Another team that played very well, up-and-coming and I hope to go for a visit there. I do not know about the academics as of yet. I just got and offer from them today (May 30)."

South Florida – "They were ranked number two last year, and they came out of nowhere. Being close to Rutgers, I know about the Big East. The school is in a good location and they play here a lot. The school is somewhat close to home making it easier to visit. I do not know much about their academics, but I want to find out more.

Larrow has a full plate for this summer, attending a Rutgers camp with a possibility of attending an Illinois camp. He is visiting Illinois soon, and said he would like to visit Oregon and South Florida's campuses. Factors in his decision include the team, coaches, academics, good players and classmates.

Larrow has specific goals in mind for the next season. "I want to make one of the all-star games, possibly the US Army All American, and win a state championship. I also want to get bigger and stronger so I can step in and play earlier in college." Larrow plans to go about that by lifting weights most of the summer, running, and working in the off-season program with his coaches. Larrow said he wants to improve on, "Keeping up with the running back on toss plays, working against the run. The pass rush is always something to improve on, to get better and better. It is not impossible to block me, to block anybody. The closer I get to being un-blockable, the better it is for me.

Mike Larrow has a busy summer ahead, but he looks to be in a good position for his future.

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