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PISCATAWAY -- Shawn Windle, the Rutgers men's basketball team's strength and conditioning coach, stacked three dozen rubber-cased metal plates, each weighing between 22-55 pounds, at center court. He told Kareem Wright to carry them, one-by-one, up the stairs, all the way to the top of the Louis Brown Athletic Center. The activity was part of an intense summer training regimen that enabled Wright to trim 50 pounds of fat from his 320-pound frame.
Windle has Rutgers in shape for season - Courier News


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OXFORD, Ohio - Two Miami University assistant football coaches were suspended Wednesday after one was charged with assaulting a fan and another acknowledged damaging a coaches' box at Marshall. Head coach Terry Hoeppner apologized Wednesday, saying that things got out of control when fans rushed the field following Marshall's last-second, 36-34 win over its Mid-American Conference rival the night before. - College Sports


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Fan Feedback - Another CC from a fan to a legislator

I am writing you today about my concerns over the proposed consolidation of
Rutgers University with the other institutions referenced above. As a
graduate of Rutgers University, School of Engineering, Class of 1986, I am
troubled that my governing body would consider the elimination of such a
fine institution along with its 200 plus years of tradition and higher
education excellence in the name of consolidation. I fail to see how
eliminating one of New Jersey's Jewels would be in the best interest of the
citizens of New Jersey, the Hundreds of Thousands of Rutgers Alumni and the
higher Education system of New Jersey. While I agree that there could be
some benefit to considering some aspect of a merger, it must be done under
the umbrella of Rutgers University. I have always cherished my education
and experiences while a student at Rutgers and I continue today to be a very
active alum and member of the RAA, Scarlet R, and Rutgers Touchdown clubs.
I am a season ticket holder of Rutgers Football and have been for the past
eight years. Also, I have attended numerous other sporting events and
cultural events at Rutgers with my wife and two children. I have always
mentioned my school with great pride and drive my co-workers crazy with my
passion for its sports programs which are all on the rise and about to be,
once again, a source of great pride for all New Jerseyans.

I encourage you to monitor the proposed consolidation very judiciously, and
I urge you not to support any such consolidation that would eliminate
Rutgers name or its stature as the State's most prestigious University.


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