Florida's Top LB Crew

Cypress Bay High School in Florida may have one of the most talented LB corps in the country with three Division 1 LB prospects in Shane Gordon, Austin Gamble and Phil Walker. The first two, Gordon and Gamble, hold multiple offers from BCS programs after the spring evaluation period. The third, Phil Walker, who has been a combine star and a truly special athlete, is waiting for his first offer.

Shane Gordon, who measures around 5'11 220, is built very thick, runs fluidly and is a physical player. If someone were to make a comparison, he looks like an H.B. Blades (former Plantation HS and Pittsburgh Panther) type of player that can dominate the middle of the field while being a touch undersized. Gordon has been 1st team All-Broward County the last two years. At this stage of the game, he holds written offers from Auburn, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Louisville, Ole Miss, and Syracuse.

Austin Gamble is a big, prospect who plays MLB, but may also project to the interior line. Gamble measures in at 6'0 230 lb, with a very strong upper body. He has always been around football as his father has functioned as a Miami Dolphins coach, scout and conditioning coordinator. Gamble, who runs very well for a player his size, has early offer from Pittsburgh, Mississippi State and FIU.

But Phil Walker may be the most intriguing prospect of the group. At 6'1 212 lbs, Walker has an outstanding frame to pack on weight and runs extremely well. He has been named to the All Combine team at several events for both his testing and LB play. One of his coaches stated "Phil is a very versatile player that has good coverage skills, but also can rush the passer. There are a lot of ways for teams to utilize him. His upside is thru the roof".

Walker, who earned All-Dade Honors at Mater Academy as a sophomore, played his Junior Year at Cypress Bay. The new scheme took a short while to get in to. "I was thinking in the beginning when I was out on the field, but as the year went on, I started going on instinct and things became more natural". On the season, Walker poster 70 tackles.

Walker has really made a name for himself this spring by measuring in at 6'1 210 pounds, yet running a 4.50 laser 40 yards dash, posting 37" in the vertical jump, and 9'8" on the long jump. Those numbers are amongst the best testing numbers at the LB position this season. "He just turned 17 years old. And if you look at his dad, who is 6'5" tall, I think he is going to continue to grow. He has a great body and is very explosive. In a few years, he could be an absolute monster at either the OLB or DE position".

Walker has been getting heavy attention from Rutgers, Kansas State, Mississippi State, West Virginia, USF, UCF, Georgia Tech and Tennessee. He is taking a trip this weekend to UCF.

On Rutgers he has to say: "I absolutely love Rutgers. I actually e-mailed my recruiting coach today. We talk quite a bit. They have showed a good deal of interest. That is one of the camps I definitely want to go to. I know guys like Justin Francis and Tim Brown. Tim Brown speaks really highly of the school and they are making a lot of noise. I think a lot of kids down here consider them a top school".

Walker says that he is surprised to not have an offer yet. "I speak to all these coaches and they sound so excited to speak to me, but no one has pulled the trigger yet. Whoever offers me first and shows that faith in me, I am really going to consider hard, because I am a very loyal person that way. If they believe in me, I am going to believe in them".

Walker claims a 3.5 GPA and just recently took the SAT for the first time.

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