Byron Williams

Byron Williams (WR, 6'2"-190lbs)

Byron Williams (WR, 6'2"-190lbs) from Camden Catholic High School in New Jersey is one of the best WR prospects in the state. His talents have not been unnoticed, he has received 12 scholarship offers. Williams plays on one of the best and talented high school teams in the state. Two of his teammates have already committed to North Carolina (QB, Nick Cangelosi and LB, Joe Kedra). His team is one of the higher ranked teams in the New Jersey High School playoffs.

He has already visited three schools and has one more scheduled. They are as follows:

He is planning his fifth visit to one of the following schools: Vanderbilt, Hofstra, East Carolina, Akron, or West Virginia.

How did he like his visits and other favorites?

- Likes the Big 10 conference
- Likes the number of times they throw the ball per game
- Not bothered by the number of freshmen WRs on the squad. Due to his love of competition and drive to improve, he even views it as a positive.
- He visited during the Minnesota game.
---The game was sold out.
---He really liked the game atmosphere.

- Likes the Big 10 conference
- Likes the way the fans support the team
---He arrived at the stadium at 6:00AM; a number of the fans were already tailgating.
---Likes the way the offense uses the play action pass to setup passing plays.

- Visited during the Miami game
- Felt good about the number of freshmen that are playing and the fact that they were able to hold their own with Miami.
- Feels that he has the opportunity to play early.
- Stated that he is very interested in the school

- Likes the Big 10 conference
- Likes the coaching staff, especially the recruiting coordinator

Currently, he has no leaders.

Does the distance from home bother him?

He plans on attending a school where he feels comfortable. Therefore, the distance from home will not be a determinant.

When will he make a decision?

He plans on making a decision before the holidays.

What are the factors in his decision?

- Academics
---He is looking for a good school with good academic support

- Coaches
---Looking for a good coaching staff that he can have a good relationship with. He stated that this is a big factor since he will be spending a lot of time with them.

- Style of offense
---Passing offense.

- Proximity to home

- Players
---He feels that he can get along with anyone. However, he would like to have a group of teammates that he can relate to.

How does he feel about Rutgers?

Although they have experienced some losing seasons in the past few years, he likes their potential and the number of young players in the program.

Is playing in the Big 10 a priority?

Not necessarily. Although he likes the conference, it is the school and the type of offense that with attract him to a certain school. The teams that offered him from the Big 10 happened to fit his criteria that is the reason why there is a predominance of Big 10 schools in his favorites list.


He stated that he made take a visit to Hofstra because of his relationship with the receiver coach and their style of offense.

Although Virginia Tech offered him a scholarship, he eliminated them because of their style of offense.

Although two of his teammates and good friends have committed to North Carolina, Williams felt that the school was not a good fit for him.

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