Breath In, Breath Out, Relax

I've received alot of mail from the nervous crew about Letters of Intent. There is a lot of misinformation and bad information out there. First try and understand the process. A letter is faxed to the school of the player. The coach gets it and takes the player to have his signature notarized. Sometimes it doesn't happen the same day he gets it. It is then sent home to the parents to have them sign and have their signatures notarized and then it must be mailed back to the university to be official. Most players fax back a copy but universities wait until the hard copies is overnighted to them to announce. In the case of Marquis where he and his parents were close by it was a 48 hour affair. In other cases it can take much longer. Letters don't have to be returned during the 8 day period but must be signed and notarized during that period.

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