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"This loss is probably the most hurtful I've had to deal with since I've been here," said a downcast Martin. "Right now there's a bitter taste. I know we have the 24-hour rule (to dwell on the game just played) but this one is going to stay around for a long time."
Rutgers saves its worst for last

Temple may not be a program with much of a winning history, but the Owls have learned one thing, especially the current group of seniors: Losing to Rutgers is as bad as it gets. So, when Temple found itself facing a 17-3 halftime deficit, the Owls knew they had to find a way to avoid the ultimate embarrassment: Losing to a school that is now saddled with a 21-game Big East losing streak.
Rutgers notebook: Temple avoids Scarlet faces

PISCATAWAY - The field lights long had been turned off, the scoreboard and its agonizing numbers mercifully had been darkened, but the wind still whipped the flags around the poles and the relentless rains kept falling. The latest rains may finally have ended the state's drought, but they could not wash away the tears, wash away the pain in the Rutgers locker room last night where another kind of drought continues without letup.
Nate Jones was feeling all the pain

PISCATAWAY - Bobby Wallace didn't even get to say anything. A wind-whipped rain and unrelenting haze weren't enough to mask an ugly first half by his Owls. But by the time the Temple coach readied some rousing words and stepped into his locker room, center Donny Klein had set his teammates straight. "I said so many four-letter words," said Klein, "I was shaking."
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"They're going to get it done," said Joe Gutowski, a season-ticket holder who commutes to Rutgers Stadium with his wife Carol from their home in New Hampshire. "We're not giving up on them."
Is it really possible Rutgers is progressing despite all the defeats? - Courier News

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - Last week, Temple placekicker Cap Poklemba set a Big East Conference record by making five field goals, but all went for naught when the Owls dropped a heartbreaker at Pittsburgh. Yesterday, a kick by the 5-foot-11, 180-pound senior provided the difference in a 20-17 victory at Rutgers. Poklemba's 22-yard field goal with 39 seconds left came less than nine minutes after he missed from 26 yards out. The game-winner completed a desperate comeback by Temple in a contest in which the Owls trailed, 17-9, after three periods.
Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/17/2002 | Temple rallies, overtakes Rutgers

A combination of turnovers and poor punting gave Rutgers excellent first-half field position, enabling the Scarlet Knights to take a 17-3 lead at the intermission. Rutgers scored on three of its eight possessions and began its drives, on average, at the Temple 45-yard line.
Rutgers-Temple notebook - Courier News

PISCATAWAY -- Call it the longest running football version of "The Tortoise and the Hare" in the Big East conference.
Rutgers fans have seen the script played out time and again this season, the one where the Scarlet Knights play well in the first half, take a lead, hold it for a while and then tank badly on offense as the opposing team storms back to victory.  The old second-half swoon. They did it in losses to Tennessee and Miami earlier this year, and they re-enacted the painful story line again yesterday in a 20-17 loss to Temple in front of 10,225 rain-soaked fans at Rutgers Stadium.
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With the seconds ticking down, Boehrer turned and pitched the ball to Nate Jones, who entered the game ranked fifth nationally in kickoff returns. But instead of taking off upfield Jones turned and threw the ball across the field in the direction of Shawn Tucker. The ball, however, landed in space, squirting along the rain-soaked field at Rutgers Stadium before Gary Brackett could fall on it at the 10.
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Rutgers-Temple game recap - Courier News


It's easy to get fooled by Jerome Coleman on a basketball court -- and not just because of his quick first step. He's a big, splashy scorer and a fearless 3-point shooter who can often leave observers shaking their heads in disbelief at the number of shots he takes and the far reaches he sometimes takes them from.
Rutgers basketball: Coleman gives Knights a shot

Coach Gary Waters' first makeover of his brand new Rutgers team may have been psychological, but this Year 2 version is all physical. A longer, leaner group, the Scarlet Knights have a whole different look a year after they overachieved with an 18-13 mark. Rutgers' beauty can't be understated this year - everyone knows who the Scarlet Knights are, and dazzling is the only option. Look for a quicker, more athletic Rutgers to press more, run more, and shoot better. What remains to be seen is if Rutgers misses the big and brawny.
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Telemarketers have the most disheartening job in America. The constant rejection, the stream of hang-ups, and the occasional tirade about calling during dinner must beat down even the most enthusiastic of souls. Gary Waters can identify. After being named head coach of the Rutgers men's basketball program 19 months ago, Waters got the telemarketer treatment as he began perusing New Jersey's rich recruiting market. "We couldn't even get in the house," Waters said at the team's media day last month.
Waters brings optimism to Rutgers - Courier News

At the end of virtually every practice, Sherrod spends about 30 minutes perfecting his mechanics. During that time, the difference in his form, trajectory, range and accuracy has been profound. Now Sherrod needs to prove he can make those long-range bombs in a game. "What you're seeing now is a totally different Mike from high school," said Coleman, who knows a little something about 3-point shooting as Rutgers' single-season record-holder in that department.
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Rutgers basketball profiles

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Women's Basketball

Forget bad hair day. Last season was more like a bad hair year. Rutgers' 9-20 mark was the worst of coach C. Vivian Stringer's 30-year career. In 21 years of the NCAA tournament, Stringer has missed seven - no postseason may as well mean a short season. But this year, the truncated game play actually worked out well for Stringer's squad. The Scarlet Knights weren't in need of full-body lipo. There was some potential underneath and only a couple of glaring parts needed radical surgery. The nose job (what's the technical name for this? Rhinoplasty?) is done, now it's time to see what happens when the swelling goes down.
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Granted, it was only an exhibition game against the One World All-Stars, but Lamizana played 30 minutes and finished with 16 points, 10 blocked shots, nine rebounds, five assists, three steals. And it's not like he was playing against stiffs, either. No. 43, for instance, is a 6-11 center named Gordon Malone who was drafted out of West Virginia by the Minnesota Timberwolves.
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Pondexter is the player labeled by many as "the savior" to a program looking to get back to the NCAA Tournament after a one-year absence. "I would not trade her for any guard in the country," Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer said. "She's a jewel."
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 Boston College defeated Syracuse 41-20

No matter what spin Syracuse University puts on its worst season in 16 years, blame will settle at the doorstep of its defense.
Boston College put down Syracuse's modest November run, scoring four second-half touchdowns and rolling up 511 yards of offense as the Eagles defeated the Orangemen 41-20 Saturday before 36,221 at wintry Alumni Stadium.
Eagles soar, SU sinks

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