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Vegas Line

Notre Dame by 28


Dan Welch's preseason  preview of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The coaching search was more reminiscent of Rutgers than the Golden Dome as top candidates repeatedly declined the Notre Dame job.  Digressing from the sexy candidates, Notre Dame hired former Georgia Tech Head Coach George O'Leary.  But O'Leary resigned less than a week later after reports surfaced that his resume was part fact, part fiction.  Notre Dame-haters reveled in the humiliation of the program that plays with a stacked deck. -- Non-Conference Preview -- Part 5


And an "in season" analysis of the Irish

Many questions have been -asked throughout this football season. These questions include, "Who is the front runner for the Heisman Trophy or which teams will play for the national championship?" But one question that constantly comes up in water cooler conversations is, "How good is Notre Dame?" -- Pretender or contender?


Football Recruiting - A look at Big East's harvest to date

Boston College

Name Pos Ht Wt
Challenger, Kevin WR 5'10" 175
Cherilus, Gosder OL 6'7" 275
Dunbar, Jo-Lonn RB 6'0" 215
Glasper, Ryan DB 6'0" 185
Koziol, Trey TE 6'5" 240
Larkin, Nick DL 6'5" 245
Ryan, Matt QB 6'5" 200


Name Pos Ht Wt
Cook, Glenn LB 6'1" 220
Everett, Kevin TE 6'5" 240
Howell, David DL 6'4" 290
Morse, Derrick OL 6'5" 305
Pata, Bryan DL 6'4" 260
Rochford, John OL 6'3" 295
Wright, Kyle QB 6'4" 200


Name Pos Ht Wt
Anoai, Afa DL 6'2" 265
Brooks, Donald WR 6'4" 185
Hull, Mike RB 5'11" 245
McGlynn, Mike OL 6'5" 315
McKillop, Chris LB 6'4" 230
Richardson, Allen DB 6'0" 180
Slates, Zachary OL 6'3" 310
Smith, Kyle DL 6'5" 23
Thatcher, Eric DB 5'11" 175
Vangas, Chris OL 6'3" 290
Weekly, Monroe DL 6'3" 260
Yazovich, Mark RB 6'1" 230


Name Pos Ht Wt
Fladell, Mike OL 6'8" 350
Gillespie, Ken LB 6'0" 210
Kane, Orlando WR 5'9" 170
Porter, Joe DB 5'10" 175
Ricks, Rashawn LB 6'3" 235
Sosa, Pedro OL 6'5" 275
Timbers, Charles (Tre) DB 5'10" 175


Name Pos Ht Wt
Campbell, Cornelius OL 6'3" 270
Dailey, Joe QB 6'1" 200
Evans, Breyone RB 6'0" 240
Giruzzi, Vincenzo LB 6'3" 220
Jackson, Tanard DB 6'0" 175
Jenkins, Tony DL 6'2" 270
Osifchin, Kevin DL 6'5" 230
Williams, Lee DL 6'4" 235


Name Pos Ht Wt
Davis, Anthony QB 6'2" 190

Virginia Tech

Name Pos Ht Wt
Booker, Barry DL 6'4" 255
Carroll, Tripp OL 6'5" 280
Denson, Courtney QB 6'1" 185
Hyman, Josh WR 6'1" 180
Kinzer, John TE 6'3" 255
Lewis Jr, Kenny RB 5'9" 180
Marshman, Nick OL 6'6" 265
Minor, Roland DB 6'1" 175
Powell, Carlton DL 6'4" 290
Razzano, Joey RB 6'0" 230
Robertson, Kory DL 6'4" 270
Warren, Brett LB 6'2" 215
Welsh, Matt OL 6'5" 275

West Virginia

Name Pos Ht Wt
Bassler, Chris TE 6'5" 245
Bednarik, Adam QB 6'3" 205
Dykes, Keilen DL 6'4" 255
Good, Andrew PK 5'11" 160
Harris, Kevin RB 6'0" 240
Magro, Marc LB 6'3" 225
Malamet, Chris DL 6'4" 265
Rivers, Vaughn DB 5'9" 165
Tate, Davonzo DB 5'10" 175
Villagrana, Mike DL 6'3" 240
Wicks, Eric DB 6'1" 200
Williams, Larry DB 6'1" 185


Of those verbals nine come from Jersey; six to Rutgers, two to Syracuse and one to Miami. Penn State is 0 for Jersey as of this writing.


Jersey Prospect named All American

 A year ago, none of this was even a thought for the Hun School's Jeff Zuttah. Not the bright lights and cameras. Not the all-school assembly. Not the all-expenses paid, official recruiting trips to college football hotbeds. Not the glowing introductions and the invitation from the U.S. Army to participate in the Third Annual All-American Bowl on national television in early January.  Nothing.

Jeff Zuttah was merely a starting two-way lineman for a J.P. Stevens squad that would eventually finish 12-0 and go on to win the NJSIAA Group IV Central title. College offers? One. Division I-AA Fordham called. Most likely it would offer. But that was it.

And that's why, when Jeff Zuttah was formally announced as one of just 78 participants in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl - which will take place Jan. 5, 2003, at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas - it was so easy for him to remain level-headed. It wasn't too long ago that the attention wasn't there.  Zuttah received the honor at an assembly in the Hun gymnasium, which also included Dr. Greg Cortina (Class of '71), Hun's only other football All-America.
Hun's new All-America turns heads


More All America Choices

Yahoo! Sports: NCAA Football - Selection to National 7 on 7 Passing Camp


Big East Football - Miami, it's unanimous

1. Miami (Fla.) (61)9-0 1,525
2. Ohio State 12-0 1,455
3. Washington State 9-1 1,372
4. Iowa 11-1 1,336
5. Oklahoma  9-1 1,287


Women's Basketball

Mauri Horton wears her hair pulled tight in a miniature ponytail that could pass for a bun. And she limped a bit before having surgery on her feet. But she doesn't feel like an old lady.

Compared to the flock that surrounds her, though, she is one.

The Rutgers captain is the lone eligible senior on a team with three freshmen, five sophomores and one eligible junior. And her teammates don't let her forget it. - Around the East: Rutgers not crawling thanks to senior citizen


Fan Feedback

We'll those 2nd half stats tell the whole story for this game and the season. Our weakness is the offense, more specifically the O-line. 3 1st downs (2nd half) doesn't keep a senior laden (starters), experienced team like Temple from coming back and making it a game or winning it as they did. We didn't need to score again (we couldn't) but if you get 1st downs, and change field position ,and keeping your defense off the field a little more ,then you get the win. -9 yds rushing in the 2nd half tells it all. Our O-line is the weakest unit on our team. 8 sacks, most of which were in 2nd half ,proves my point. Can't run, can't pass protect. Poor way to hold a 14 pt lead.
We are young, still a weak team, and obviously our offense has been the problem all year. No surprise here. Freshman QB, freshman tailbacks, weak O-line. Asking them to win it is a tall order seeing this season's past O performances.
Hopefully next year we will see some real improvement (consistency) as he will have 3 recruiting classes and has played a lot of his young kids. Hopefully they get better and we see more wins next year.
As any knowledgeable football enthusiast knows, THE GAME IS WON IN THE TRENCHES, and that's our true and glaring weakness.
I had them 3-9 this year anyhow, so 1-11 doesn't really hurt anymore. It still sucks!
I won't say it's coaching yet, but I might in the next year and definitely two! Doesn't have to be a winning season but 4-7,5-6 is improvement for years 3 and 4 w/ BE wins. Temple will be gone after year 4 ,then UConn comes in ,and my bet is that they will turn some heads immediately and be competitive in the BE.
Only two more weeks fans and on Monday we can start cheering for the Basketball team. GO RU!


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