RU Eyeing Top Point Guard - Mfon Udofia

Under Fred Hill, Rutgers has shown that it can now win recruiting battles for some of the top talent in New Jersey. Corey Chandler, Mike Rosario and Greg Echenique are all ample proof of that. Now RU has its sights set on a player far from New Jersey, down in Georgia, who is currently the 8th-ranked point guard in the 2009 class.

It's no secret that there's been a direct correlation between Rutgers struggles and the program's inability to keep the best players in New Jersey home. Prior to the arrival of Fred Hill, Rutgers has never had a history of being a dominant recruiting force in its own state. That has all begun to change under Hill, who has quickly made RU a recruiting force to be reckoned with, within New Jersey.

In addition to the aforementioned Jersey trio, in players such as Mike Coburn, Earl Pettis, Patrick Jackson, Christian Morris, and Dane Miller, Hill and his tireless staff of Jim Carr, Darren Savino, and Craig Carter, have shown that they can lure top talent throughout the tri-state area to Rutgers. Now, however, RU has thrown its hat into a recruiting battle for a blue-chip talent far from its normal recruiting turf.

Georgia's Mfon Udofia is Scout's 8th-ranked point guard nationally, a player that has already drawn offers from Kentucky, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, South Carolina, Oregon, Arizona, and Memphis. Contrary to prior reports that said Georgia Tech was his leader, Udofia told SOR that this is not the case. "I'm still wide open", he said.

He also said that he has no timetable for a decision, and that he has no plan to decide either by November or to wait until next spring.

So what will be the factors that will eventually lead him to make a decision? "The style of play, the education, and the relationship with the coaches", he said. (He also said he prefers an up-tempo style of play).

As for what Udofia feels are the strong points of his game, he said "my leadership, my ability to get to the hole, my ability to make my teammates better, and my jump-shot". When asked what aspects might need some work, he said his mid-range game.

Rutgers, specifically Coach Carter, have been on Udofia for about a month now. When asked if RU can be a serious player for his services, Udofia replied: "I am into finding out more about them. It could be a possibility". He stated that Coach Carter is "a cool coach", adding: "He's down to earth. We've started to get to know each other".

Mfon Udofia just concluded his second visit to New Jersey by participating in the just-concluded Steve Nash Camp at Kean University. His first trip came last year when he participated in the 2007 Nash camp. Conventional wisdom would seem to dictate that an emerging program like Rutgers, with no ties, geographically or in any other way to Georgia, would have very little shot at landing a player like Udofia.

However, should this young man's interest be piqued just enough to cause him to actually pay a visit to RU, one would be wise not to underestimate the abilities of Hill, Carter, Carr, and Savino to pull off a major surprise. If they can just get that visit.

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