Look Back at the Greg Schiano Shootout

The 2008 Greg Schiano shootout featured 86 teams from as far away as southern Virginia along with numerous top recruits. SOR takes a look back at the event.

Greg Schiano Shootout 2008 at Rutgers

East Orange's WR Lester Smith takes the Hillside team deep from a 30-yard TD in
one of East Orange's early victories.

Camden Catholic QB Joe Brennan [6'4" 190-pounds] [#10] poises to deliver a pass.

A view of the progress of the Rutgers Stadium construction.

A view of the progress of the Rutgers Stadium construction.

Ryan Langdon of Father Judge goes high to grab the football away from the defense.

Terrence Casper [#2, 6'6" 190lbs] of Camden Catholic making a
move on the defender to get open

Damon Thomas [red, 5'10"-170lbs] winning the battle for the
jump ball against the Hillside defender.

Joel Hudnall [#8, 5'10"-185lbs] pulls down the ball for one of a number
of catches on the day.

Joel Hudnall [#8, 5'10"-185lbs] lines up a his preferred position of

East Orange Athletic Jr. QB Quadir Pendleton poises to throw the ball.
Although he is a good high school QB, he has the ability to play WR.

Jourdan Brook is a fit and slim 235lbs.

Although TE Justin Renfrow would likely play another position in college
but he shows decent speed as he run up field.

Khalil Wilkes has a lot to be happy about with 15 plus offers.

East Orange's WR Lester Smith hauls in another pass again Hillside

Rutgers incoming QB D.C Jefferson & St Peter's Prep OL Khalil Wilkes.

Rising Sophomore QB Tyrone Johnson [6'2"-170lbs] was among the best players on the
day. He connected on a number of touchdown passes particularly in the
semi-finals as he was on "fire"

Savon Huggins of St. Peter's Prep will be a name to remember. Huggins
saw action as a freshman in a backfield that featured Florida-bound Will Hill and Tennessee-bound Nyshier Oliver.

Nyshier Oliver RB/DB of St. Peter's Prep makes a electifying TD run
in a heart breaking overtime loss to Egg Habor.

Sherrard Cadogan of Camden Catholic made a catch in traffic.

Rutgers Coaches Kyle Flood, Greg Schiano and Joe Susan observe
the shootout battles.

Najee Tyler of Xaverian [6'6"-210lbs] was among the QBs who
were impressive on the day.

D.C Jefferson (L) and Coach McNulty (R) discuss the play on the field.

The Ramapo defender lays out to bat the ball away for the Xaverian receiver to
assist the the Ramapo victory.

Coach Schiano with the runner-up Xaverian.


Coach Schiano with the winning team Ramapo.

Ramapo head coach Drew Gibbs and his starting QB Andrew Weiss.


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