Regas, an Owl

Local Garden State product Evangelos Regas [Toms River High - North, NJ] has put an end to his commitment, by pledging his services to Coach Golden and his resurgent Temple Owls.

"I verballed the morning after Temple's last camp on Sunday the 29th. After my dad and I spoke with Coach Golden and accepted the offer all the coaches came over to me to congratulate me and to welcome me to Temple. It was great," stated Evangelos Regas, after pulling the trigger in favor of the Temple Owls.

SOR last saw Regas earlier in June after an impressive display at the Rutgers Big Man Academy. Regas won a majority of his one-on-ones and in doing so, displayed solid technique, footwork, and agility. Perhaps most impressive about Regas' performance was his new-found agility, likely owing to an off-season workout schedule that has seen the young man's weight diminish from 335 closer to 315.

Regas began touring a number of schools on his wish list earlier this past spring, and in doing so, tripped to each school with a variety of desires that had to be met. At the top of the list was the value of a good education.

"When my parents and I started seriously looking at schools this spring we spoke about the things that we felt were important to us in a school. We felt that the most important thing in choosing a school was the quality of my education. When I graduated I wanted a valued degree. We wanted a school that, if something happened and I couldn't play football, that I would still be happy attending that school, a school that had a real campus type setting a sort of place you can walk to everything and feel like a real community," said Regas.

"Next we thought about the coaching staff. We needed to feel comfortable with them. I wanted to be in an environment that would push me and make me a stronger person, a place that would make me a better football player. My parents needed to feel good about the coaching staff as well. They weren't about to let me choose a school where they did not feel good about the coaching staff, [they felt I needed to be at] a place where I would be treated fairly."

Becoming part of a program that has shown significant on field improvement and has a real opportunity at continued success also played an important role.

"I wanted to play for a team that had a real chance to win and contend for spot in a bowl game every year. So over the last 3 months I visited 4 schools and got a good opportunity to compare schools and coaching staffs. So after I received the offer from Temple we realized that all of the things we were looking for in a school were right here, plus there was the added bonus that Temple was close to home, only about an hour away, so I would be able to stay close to my friends and family. So the decision to end the process early was an easy one. Temple football is on the way up and I really wanted to be part of it."

In addition to Temple's on the field progress, the staff also played a primary role in landing the Garden State standout.

"The coaching staff from day one made me feel so welcomed and relaxed. I never felt any pressure from them. They were honest with me and my parents when discussing the football team and the school. From day one the coaches stated that when they looked at my game films they liked what I had to offer and they weren't expecting me to be anything different than who I am. They weren't going to try to change me when I got to Temple, only make me better," stated Regas.

Regas becomes the sixth prospect to commit to Coach Golden's Owls for the current class, and the second offensive lineman, joining Jeffrey Whittingham (Atlantic City HS, NJ).

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