Video Interview: Prep's HC Rich Hansen

Much has been made across both print and electronic media regarding the perceived gap existing between St. Peter's Preparatory School [Jersey City, NJ] and Rutgers University. caught up with the Head Football Coach of St. Peter's Prep to discuss this issue, the recruitment of his seniors, and more, in this latest video interview from SOR's Schiano Shootout coverage.

It's been no secret that significant time has elapsed since an alumni of St. Peter's Prep has continued their education and football career at Rutgers University. Much of this conroversy has fallen directly at the doorstep of St. Peter's Prep HC, Rich Hansen. SOR caught up with Coach Hansen at the recent Schiano Shootout, held last month in Piscataway, NJ, to discuss this issue, the recruitment of some of his seniors, and more.

"I'm not sure how that all started. It bothers me as much as anybody. I have a great relationship with Rutgers ...," stated Coach Hansen in response to his thoughts on the Rutgers program.

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