ScoutTV: Early Team Rankings is set to unveil its latest batch of rankings tomorrow, but prior to that, Scott Kennedy, Director of Scouting for breaks down the nation's top recruiting classes in this exclusive segment for FoxSports. The discussion includes the Rutgers Football Scarlet Knights, who check in at #5 in the nation.

The current crop of Rutgers Football commitments are headlined by 4-star prospect Tom Savage, though he is only one of several headliners that has catapulted Greg Schiano's class to one of the nation's best. Scott Kennedy, Director of Scouting for recently broke down the country's top classes, with the Scarlet Knights checking in at #5. Top 10 (as of 7/11/2008)

Rank Team Number of Commitments
1 Ohio State ----- 24 Commitments
2 Texas ----- 19 Commitments
3 USC ----- 15 Commitments
4 Georgia ----- 12 Commitments
5 Rutgers ----- 19 Commitments
6 LSU ----- 13 Commitments
7 Texas A&M ----- 20 Commitments
8 Oklahoma ----- 14 Commitments
9 Clemson ----- 11 Commitments
10 Florida State ----- 12 Commitments

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