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Though the overall attendance numbers weren't gaudy, there was plenty of individual talent this past Saturday at the X-treme X-posure Underclassmen Showcase, held in Somerset, NJ. New Level Athletics teamed up with Scout.com to produce an Underclassmen Showcase with the purpose of providing exposure to athletes at a younger age. SOR was on hand at breaks down the top performers at the event.

The Soccer Center in Somerset, New Jersey, was the location for this past Saturday's X-treme X-posure Underclassmen Showcase, where some of the region's top future athletes showcased their skills in an effort to improve as players and enhance their collegiate recruitment.

Players reported more than an hour prior to the start of the camp (9 a.m.), and once registered, each player was given a gift bag and sent for measurable testing (height, weight, reach). Attendees then underwent a dynamic warm up before combine testing. Once testing was complete participants went through position specific drills, followed by 1-on-1s and 7-on-7 drills.

Perhaps the standout attendee at the event was St. Peter's Prep. do-it-all athlete Savon Huggins. Huggins, who recently turned 15 years old, though he carries himself like more like a collegiate freshman, dropped by to encourage some friends that were participating, and consequently did not perform.

Among the top skill players in attendance were several standouts from nearby Garden State states. William Jones [Alexus I. Dupont HS, Wilmington DE], who stands in at 5'11"/160-pounds was perhaps the top WR competing. Jones, who will only be entering his Junior season this upcoming fall, showed great ball skills, good get-off from the line of scrimmage [LOS] and showed that he may be able to play on the defensive side of the ball as a cornerback [CB] as well. Joining Jones as, potentially, a BCS-caliber athlete, was teammate Terrace Bourne. Bourne, who stands at 6'0.5" and a well put together 312-pounds, has the physical make-up to become a run-stuffing DT at the next level. Bourne impressed with his speed as much as his athleticism, and put together an outstanding 40-time of 4.8 seconds. Like Jones, Bourne will be entering his Junior season - however, Terrace just turned 16 years old a few weeks ago, and if his current size is any indication, he may wind up at an impressive 6'2"/6'3" by the time he is done growing.

Ibraheim Campbell [Chestnut Hill Academy, Philadelphia, PA], who stands at 5'10" and 185-pounds, was one of the event's top overall performers, impressing in the individual testing, including achieving the top 40-time of 4.39 seconds, as much as he did in the 1-on-1s and 7 on 7 drills. Campbell already boasts a Division-I body and has the fluidity to play the CB spot or, should he continue to grow, move back in space to the safety [S] position. Campbell, who has an older brother attending Cornell University, is as impressive on the field as he is off, having put together a 3.5 GPA thus far, an additional attribute sure to attract many colleges. Campbell not only displayed athleticism, but showed a certain sunshine state nastiness in his game, making it very difficult for the opposition to get off the LOS.

Kyle Jordan, by way of Immaculata HS [5'10"/193-pounds] looked impressive from the fullback [FB] and linebacker [LB] positions showing an impressive combination of strength, speed and agility. One young man that turned heads was Nutley HS standout Antonio Sibilia [LB/RB], who currently stands at 6' and 196-pounds. Sibilia, who is very well put together physically, has just turned 16 this past spring, a suggestive indication that he's not nearly done growing either. Showing as much strength as he did agility in the 1-on-1s and 7-on-7 drills, Sibilia put together an impressive Sophomore season last year, recording 97 tackles to go along with 450 yards rushing. Kyle Polk [6'/190-pounds], by way of Piscataway HS, also looked impressive from the DB/LB spot.

5'8"/180-pound Running back [RB] James Williams [Plainfield HS], 5'11"/252-pound OL/DL Chris Rossi [Hillsborough HS], 5'7"/160-pound WR Stefan Terrell [Plainfield HS, NJ], who had the most impressive get-off off the LOS of any player we saw that day, and 6'/190-pound QB EJ Schneider [Delbarton HS, NJ] also impressed.

Note: All players discussed in this article, are heading into their Junior season (this upcoming fall), save for Savon Huggins.

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