Video Interview: Terrace Bourne

One of the most, if not the most, difficult positions to recruit on the football field is that of the interior defensive line. One young prospect who displays the physical tools to become a highly sought-after interior DL for the 2009 class, is Alexis I. Dupont HS [DE] product Terrace Bourne.

Terrace Bourne measured in at 6-foot 1/2-inch and 318-pounds at the New Level Athletics/ Combine held a couple of weekends ago. But don't let that size fool you - the young man holds his weight quite well, and is impressively athletic, especially for someone of his proportions. Bourne put in perhaps the most impressive fourty-time of the day, being clocked at 4.89-seconds. Bourne has only recently turned 16 years old a few weeks ago, and might very well grow to perhaps 6'2"/6'3", or beyond. Though he looks like a Ramel Meekins clone at this point in time, with high-level Division-I potential, fans need to remember that he'll only be entering his Junior season this upcoming fall.

Indeed, it's the young man's size and athleticism, together, and especially at such a young age, that make him such an intriguing prospect at this time.

SOR caught up with the Alexis I. Dupont HS [DE] standout at the conclusion of the event to discuss his performance and outlook for the future.

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