Is Lowery ready to pull the trigger?

Antwan Lowery, the 4-star DT from Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, Florida has stated he would make a decision between his two favorite schools: Rutgers and Miami. His scheduled announcement date is August 1st. He shares his latest thoughts on his recruitment.

Antwan Lowery plays a position of premier importance for Rutgers, the 1 technique. It also helps the Scarlet Knights that his brother, Antonio Lowery, has three years of eligibility left on the banks. In the past, he has stated how great it would be to play alongside his brother and his genuinely close relationship with the Rutgers staff.

In regards to Miami, the hometown school has one of the most storied traditions in the nation. Furthermore, it helps Miami that Lowery grew up a fan of the Canes and has a close relationship with several members of that team.

Thus with one week left prior to August 1st, Lowery has now made a statement as to where he stands. "I am not ready to commit to either school. I am pushing back the date until I have a better idea about where I am going to go to school. Whether that is at the end of summer, during the fall, or afterwards, I don't know yet. I want to be 100% sure when I make that commitment and I am not mentally there. I have been sitting back and talking to my family a lot and just thinking it through. I am very happy for their support. I speak to Antonio about once per week and he keeps me up to date on how things are going on up there at Rutgers, but he also helps me when we talk about the other schools".

Lowery further adds that "it is great to have such good options, but it is getting very stressful. I like a lot of different things that schools have to offer. In the meantime, I am just going to focus on running and working out and getting prepared for our senior season. We have big goals as a team and are coming around together".

So for now, this star's recruitment will last a while longer.

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