Matt Dicken

Matt Dicken, RB, 5-11, 180, 4.4, Lower Cape May Regional HS       

Who is currently recruiting you?

Penn State, Syracuse, Rutgers, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Temple, UConn & Notre Dame as well as Villanova, Delaware, New Hampshire, Richmond & Central Mich.

Who is recruiting you the hardest?

Hard to say. I get regular calls from Syracuse, Rutgers, Indiana, Richmond & new Hampshire. They call me about once a week so I guess they are the most interested. I also get calls from Wisconsin, Iowa & Purdue but not as often. Lately I've gotten calls from Penn State & Virginia, who had not called in a while), saying they are still interested. Coach Norwood (PSU) was pretty honest. He felt I was probably in about the same position with most Big 10 schools. There are a couple of guys over me that everyone is after and after the top guys are gone, he felt I would be getting a few offers. I just recently started getting calls from Notre Dame & Central Mich. I'm still getting TONS of mail.

Who has offered you scholarships?

Villanova is the only school to make a formal offer, I have an official visit coming up with them.

Has anyone recently asked for a copy of your transcripts? (that is usually a sign that a school is thinking about offering)

Notre Dame called my school a couple of weeks ago for my transcripts. They called this past Wed.(11/13) to request tape of my last few games. Delaware has also requested them, and I think a few more have called the school for them.

How did his unofficial to Syracuse go?

I wasn't able to get to Syracuse as I had planned, But I did catch them at the Temple game.

Did you take an unofficial to Rutgers and, if so, how did it go?

I was at Rutgers this summer, but I haven't been back since. I wanted to get up there this weekend for the Temple game but The call came too late, I had already told Villanova I'd make their last game that Sat.

Matt's complete stats to date:

2002* career

TD's- Rush/rec 14/0 40/4

Rushing 1624 4145

Carries 186 545

Avg. 8.7 7.6

Receiving- rec./yds 0/0 32/736

Avg. 0 23.7

K return -ret/yds 7/142 36/843

Avg. 19.7 23.4

P return-ret/yds 3/58 4/79

Avg. 19.3 19.7

Defense-(saw limited time in 7 games)

Tackles/t. for loss 57/5 not avail.

Sacks 2 "

Int. 1 "

Broken plays 6 "

Fumble recoveries 2 4(approx.)

Forced fumbles 1 not avail.

*Through first 9 games


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