Tuesday Practice Report

PISCATAWAY, N.J.— Mike Teel has certainly secured the starting quarterback position. His immediate backup remains to be seen.

"Yep, this is the most we've had at camp," Rutgers football head coach Greg Schiano told reporters after the first day of training camp, referring to the six signal callers who bid to backup Teel.

"I think all those things," he said in regards to maintaining flexibility and depth at the QB position.

When asked if too many QBs contended, Schiano jokingly responded, "Yeah, we're getting close."

Behind Teel, quarterbacks Jabu Lovelace, Chris Paul-Etienne, Domenic Natale, Steve Shimko and D.C. Jefferson represented the green, "non-physical" jerseys on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Schiano said his team's effort on day one impressed him.

"There was a lot of effort, some rust to shake off, but I thought we came out with really good focus and practiced hard," Schiano said.

Schiano described the tone set at Rutgers Stadium as "a good start."

"That's all it is," he added. "We have a long way to go."

In the meantime, construction workers continued to focus on the first part of the expansion project. Despite personnel operating heavy machinery in the background, the Scarlet Knights practiced at full length.

"Yeah it's good chaos," Schiano said. "A lot of noise going on."

Several Knights played with knee braces, including running back Kordell Young, who is vying for time with Mason Robinson.

"He looked pretty good too," Schiano said of Young. "Towards the end, he looked tired."

Wide receivers Kenny Britt and Tiquan Underwood and twin defensive backs Jason and Devin McCourty also impressed Schiano.

But leg cramps sidelined Britt, Underwood and WR Dennis Campbell for several offensive sets despite the temperate conditions.

On the defensive side, Blair Blines and Eric LeGrand, originally linebackers, shifted to tackle for the first time.


"Because we need help there," Schiano said.

Redshirt freshman Manny Abreu started as the strongside linebacker, as Schiano had indicated from yesterday's initial press conference, along with LBs Kevin Malast and Damaso Munoz.

"I hope he can pick off where he left off his spring," Schiano said of Abreu. "He's got the physical abilities to be a tremendous player. It just matters how long it takes him to get all that. But he's getting it. Hopefully that will just continue."

Attempting to overcome three knee surgeries, defensive back Zaire Kitchen resumed a spot in the starting secondary for the majority of reps.

Schiano said Joe Lefeged and Davon Smart will rotate with Kitchen, as all three players compete for the starting role next to Courtney Greene.

Injury Report:

Schiano said freshman defensive tackle Scott Vallone is slowly recovering from foot surgery.

"The surgery went well," he said. "He's healing, but he's not full go. It's upsetting because we thought he'd be ready. We'll see. We'll see how fast the foot heals."


"Might be a couple of weeks," Schiano said. "The tough part is, we only have about two weeks. Then we start getting ready for games."

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