Wednesday Practice Report

Wednesday marked the second day of practice and while Head Coach Greg Schiano still feels the Knights have a long way to go before he considers them ready for the season, he took time to highlight what has impressed him so far.

Rutgers held its second day of practice yesterday and Head Coach Greg Schiano said the team's effort was better than the first day, however there's still ways to go before things get to where they need to be for the season.

"It got better," Schiano said. "But we have a long way to go. It was better than yesterday's. At least we're heading in the right direction."

While that may be the case, Schiano did spend the rest of his session with the media reflecting on the positives of the team and his personnel.

"I really like that we have a lot of people," Schiano said. "I don't think we're set and figured out anything exactly yet, but I like the flexibility. If a guy's hurt or tired, we have other people that can go in and do it."

San San Te was praised was the head coach for his athleticism as camp has been "so far, so good" for the kicker. With construction on the stadium going on, he will have to compete with the wind. It's had a noticeable effect on the ball when it's in the air and Schiano said he found out about it through his players and its here to stay.

"They've talked to me and told me that it's much different," he said. "It's a lot more wind in the south end zone and until we get this thing finished it's going to be that way."

The wind also comes into play for the quarterbacks who will have to throw through or with it. D.C. Jefferson, the 6-foot-6 rocket armed quarterback, shouldn't have a problem throwing against the wind because Schiano said, "the ball pops off his hands."

Staying on the offensive side of the ball, running back Kordell Young and fullback Jack Corcoran were credited with having good practice sessions, but the true test will come when the pads are on.

"I'm seeing what I want to see [out of him]," Schiano said on Young. "He's gone two days with no special treatment and he seems well so that's good. [It's tough to know] until he gets put in a live situation and gets hit. It's more for him than us; I know he'll be fine. He needs to get back that confidence and get hit on that finger and that goes for anytime you get injured."

On Corcoran, Schiano said: "I think he had a good spring, but it's too early to tell now. But he looks physically good and we expect big things from him."

Everything is starting to click for defensive back Brandon Bing and Schiano said he looks more confident and is starting to understand the position.

Finally, switching over to the freshmen, the Knights have been able to recruit more highly touted players with the increased success of the program leading to players starting early. That brought the question of when can the coach get a read on what guys are ready to step in and contribute in their first year? Schiano said that can't be discovered until at least after the first scrimmage.

"You can get excited about a guy by watching tapes like these, but we won't know until our first scrimmage if somebody shows they can play and keep their foot in the door," he said. "That's the first hurdle."

Other Notes:

- Jawann Westerman has moved from wide receiver to corner back.

- Eddie Poole had knee surgery a few days ago. It's the second time he's having the surgery and is expected to return at the start of the school year and lift weights.

- Frank Edgerly was named Director of Football Recruiting Operations by Schiano. He was a quarterback at Rutgers in 1992-93 and a student assistant coach in 1994.

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